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As I was looking through all my GBV and Pollard stuff, I realized I don’t even own all of Guided By Voices’ albums. I still need to get “Earthquake Glue” and “Propeller” to complete the collection.

What is my problem? I don’t own Propeller? Today I finally picked up the 6-disc “Hardcore UFOs” boxset. Not including the 45’s, the DVDs and the “Bee Thousand Director’s Cut” this puts me at over an entire day’s worth of GBV. It would take you over 26 hours to listen to all of it back to back.

And I love every minute of it.


September 30, 2007 at 11:33 pm

Eff Pitchfork!

Pitchfork is a pretty not bad music site. I can’t say I agree with a lot of their reviews – but who judges music based off of reviews? It is like reviewing poetry. What is the point? “This album is a 7.4” However, some of their writers are quite good, and I enjoy reading some of their stuff. And they have a great news section.

HOWEVER, this review of “Crickets: The Best of the Fading Captain Series” has pissed me off!

When I first read it at the end of August, I noticed they had a factual mistake. The writer credited “Island of Lost Lucys” to The Takeovers, when every Pollard fan (or anyone who can read the back of a CD) knows that is a song off of Keene Brothers’ “Blues and Boogie Shoes.”

So I penned a polite email to let them know of the factual error. It has been over a month, and the error remains. Also, in the review, they link to the unofficial Robert Pollard myspace page. You dumb shits! Everyone knows THIS is the official one.

Ok, I’m not really mad. But they should at least do a little more research in their reviews and link, and if a helpful reader points out a factual mistake, they should fix it, no?

September 28, 2007 at 12:21 pm 2 comments

Two Lane Blacktop Coming to Criterion

I’ve never seen this, but have always wanted to. Unfortunately I’ve never seen a place that had it on VHS, and the DVD releases have been out of print for a while.

Yay for Criterion! They are releasing a special edition of this soon, according to their page. Finally, I get to see Dennis Wilson and James Taylor drag race cars. A life long dream has come true.

I’ve always had a mini soft on for Criterion discs. They are a little pretentious, a little rad, and always good quality. The last time I was at the record store, I noticed they had a used copy of “Knife in the Water” and I’ve been thinking of going back and picking it up. It comes with a second disc of early Polanski shorts. Watching “Knife in the Water” and “Dead Calm” back to back would be a fun night.

Speaking of Criterion and shorts, you can download a Wes Anderson short on iTunes for free right now. Go here (or just go straight to iTunes) to download it. It is a prequel of sorts to “The Darjeeling Limited” which is sure to get a Criterion release when it comes to DVD.

And finally, it looks as though “Bottle Rocket” is getting the Criterion treatment. I can ditch my single disc version of this and get the extended cut when this happens. Yahoo!

September 28, 2007 at 10:49 am 4 comments

Mods vs. Rockers

I walked into the house of miraculous recovery and stood before King Everything:

You may think I don’t have a lot of things to say lately. “Au Contraries” I have many things to say.

I love that I own two different vintage bikes. I ride them everyday! The best part? I get to choose which one I want to ride everyday. If I feel like going nuts, I can get on my CL350. If I feel like a more relaxed (yet zippy) ride, I get on my Primavera.

I love riding 2-wheelers. I like riding home tonight from a going away party, and riding up the beach, and smelling fire works in the middle of September. I like riding home in a t-shirt and feeling quite warm.

These are the things I like! I like good friends and great oldies. Tell me, reader, what makes you go buck wild?

September 27, 2007 at 10:21 pm 5 comments

Vegas: What Happened?

Ok.. the skinny.

I drank for about 40 hours straight, had a three hour nap. All day Saturday I was out of commission.

Yes, I had fun.

No, I didn’t win any money.

Yes, I enjoyed myself, but can’t really see myself ever going back.

I took about 400 pictures, so I need to cut those down before uploading them to my Flickr page.

Well, with Vegas off my list.. on with the show!

September 20, 2007 at 5:54 pm 2 comments

Wonders: Tractor Rape Chain

“Tractor Rape Chain” is the third track on the seminal Bee Thousand. It is my favorite Guided By Voices song of all time. Much has been written about this song by others, but I’ll write what it means to me. Because it’s my blog.

Even though I’ve been listening to Guided By Voices for about ten years now, I only picked up Bee Thousand about two years ago. It is now one of my favorite albums of all time – so much so that whenever I see it used at a record store I feel the impulse to pick it up.

The entire album is a one of the greatest rock records of all time, no doubt. But something about the third track really struck me, and made me listen to it on repeat over and over.

Lyrics and more after the jump.


September 20, 2007 at 11:29 am 2 comments

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September 19, 2007 at 3:56 pm

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