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The future is my friend.


May 25, 2009 at 8:54 pm 1 comment


Let’s twitter! Oprah twitters! Tweets! Did you read my tweet? OMG did you see that tweet on my twitter? This is so much better than Facebook! I mean Myspace! I mean Friendster! I mean AIM! I mean ICQ! I mean IRC! I mean Usenet! Twitter is the future! Do an interview over Twitter! CNN has a Twitter page! Update your Twitter when you are hanging with actual people! Nothing in life is awesome enough to enjoy on your own… you must Tweet about it!

I’m so damn sick of Twitter, and if you Twitter around me I will punch you in the face. I know the internet masses are fickle and will jump on pretty much any hot new “web 2.0” app, but the only reason I don’t hope for Twitter’s demise sooner is because it will just be replaced with someone equally annoying and anti-social.

In other awesome news: Buy the new Circus Devils album, Gringo!

Feel free to disagree with me in the comments, I know I am a minority on this. But grown people are calling things they write “tweets.” With a straight face.

“Totes found a parking space, yo!”

May 1, 2009 at 1:39 pm 9 comments

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