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right on roger

Courtesy of Pop Zeus – here is the setlist for the Cincinatti Boston Spaceships show:

1. Psych Threat
2. Zero Fix
3. To The Path!
4. Father’s Favorite Temperature (The Takeovers – Bad Football)
5. You Satisfy Me
6. The Blondes
7. Ready To Pop
8. The Butler Stands For All Of Us (from upcoming Pollard 7″ of same name)
9. Heavy Crown (from next Boston Spaceships record)
10. No One But I
11. Love Theory (Psycho And The Birds – We’ve Moved)
12. Rat Trap
13. The Original Heart
14. Brown Submarine
15. Headache Revolution (Guided By Voices – Suitcase 2)
16. Weatherman And Skin Goddess
17. North 11 AM
18. 1 Years Old
19. Two Girl Area
20. Still In Rome
21. Winston’s Atomic Bird
22. Catherine From Mid-October (Robert Pollard – Zoom EP)
23. First Spill Is Free (The Takeovers – Turn To Red)
24. Andy Playboy
25. Blue Gil (Guided By Voices – Suitcase)
26. Little Green Onion Man (The Takeovers – Bad Football)
27. Confessions Of A Teenage Jerk-Off
28. Ate It Twice
29. Soggy Beavers
30. Dorothy Is A Planet (Guided By Voices – Suitcase)
31. Hound Has The Advantage (Psycho And The Birds – We’ve Moved)
32. Western Centipede
33. Go For the Exit
34. Wealth & Hell Being

35. Hello There (Cheap Trick cover)
36. Sensational Gravity Boy (Guided By Voices – Briefcase / Red, Hot & Bothered comp)
37. Carnival At The Morning Star School (Guided By Voices – Suitcase)
38. Crutch Came Slinking (Guided By Voices – King Shit And The Golden Boys [Box])
39. Gratification To Concrete

HOLY CRAPOLA what a set! And even better, Phil (who runs Pop Zeus) says that they have been playing GBV songs such as “Tractor Rape Chain” and “Cut Out Witch” in the encore. I’ve been trying to stay off the GBV message board “Disarm The Settlers” so I keep some surprises – but hot damn I really need to go look at the rest of the set lists.

My favorite song on Brown Submarine is “Psych Threat,” and I’m very excited they are using this as their opener – it is a balls out rocker and will be the pitch perfect opener for what is sure to be the best concert I have ever been to… and I’ve been to a few.

Oh.. and “Crutch Came Slinking” in the encore?!? OH MAAAAAAAAN AWESOME!


September 30, 2008 at 3:25 pm 4 comments

I drank girl drinks last night

Sue me.

September 27, 2008 at 10:57 pm 4 comments

this gun’s a frozen light gun

Debates tonight.

Drinking game: drink everytime you see an old rich white man who is politically impotent and same as the old boss.

You’ll be drunk in minutes!!!

September 26, 2008 at 2:26 pm

Fringe: The Formula

I’ve discovered the formula for that television show, Fringe.

Here is an episode:

1. Weird, ghastly thing happens to a person or group of people, loud horn/strings section plays sustained (but intensifying) note as it heads into the first break.

2. Hot, talented Australian woman hangs out, gets phone call about ghastly incident. She gathers the team.

3. Cut to crazy old kook scientist being fascinated by something like a cellphone (even though he will do something later in the episode like take pictures out of a dead eyeball using a top-secret high tech camera).

4. Team shows up at ghastly scene… questions abound!

5. Crazy old kook realizes that ghastly scene is just like an experiment he did with Professor so and so way back in the day. Perhaps they should find him/the files/the experiment to see if it has any bearing on ghastly incident.

6. Hot Australian looks hot, Australian.

7. Team knows the problem, but they are lacking one key bit of evidence! Fortunately crazy old kook has an idea of a highly experimental but imaginative way to retrieve information. Crazy old kook’s son is flabbergasted. It will never work!


9. Team finds bad guy/thing, but all the questions aren’t answered.

10. Hot Australian girl throws boomerang, slams a Fosters and blows a kiss at the screen.*

* Robert wishes

If you’ve spoken to me before about television, you know how I feel about the format and the way it uses (manipulates) the viewer into drawing out simple stories into 6 seasons worth of cliffhangers and silly romances. But hey, I’m watching this show at work. Also – I have a crush on the hot Australian.

September 24, 2008 at 2:25 pm 7 comments

Let’s talk beer

Man, I love beer. I love it so much. It is so delicous and cold and delicious! I love beers! It is a social drink. Buy 36 beers and invite over your friends! Sit around and watch a Steven Seagal movie and drink beers!

Here are my favorite beers.

Newcastle! A delicious brown ale, smooth with an almost malt vinegar finish. I have a friend from the UK who says Newcastle over there is like Budweiser over here – it’s pretty much the stock ale. That’s ok by me!

I’ve had Newcastle all three ways. On tap is of course the best, but inexplicably it is the best from an authentic British pub, like my favorite: The Cock and Bull. At home it is always available to you in its autumn colored bottle. HOWEVER, if you go to a Laker’s game and go into one of those private booths that overlook the arena, they serve you Newcastle in a can! WEIRD. Newcastle is also quite prominent in Quadrophenia.

But sometimes I’d like something lighter, for the warm Los Angeles weather.

Well, lately I’ve been drinking a lot of Bud Light. Yes… seriously. And I keep it so cold, it is probably the most refreshing beer I’ve had in a dog’s age. But it has to be ice cold. Of course you know I’m a fan of the Miller High Life as well. But if I’d like to have a lager that’s a little more.. well.. tasty.. I usually go with:

Rolling Rock! Which has a sneaky sneaky way of kicking your butt all the sudden. I always enjoy a Rolling Rock because of the wonderful bottle, and CVS constantly has them on sale for 8.99/12.

I’ve recently tried Birra Moretti, an Italian lager very similar to Stella Artois. Stella Artois seems to be Los Angeles’ most favorite beer of all time, but I really am not a fan of the Belgian pale ale.

I also miss my favorite Oregon lager: Henry Weinhard’s Blue Boar ale. Another lager in a skunky green bottle – I used to drink these by the dozen in college. Oregon friends: I’d love to have a Blue Boar with you right now!

Then of course I really enjoy the stouts – chocolate stouts or imperial stouts or anything so dark you can’t shine a light through it.

Basically – I’m at work right now and very very thirsty. I have a list of delicious beers I’d like to try, and here are a few:

Old Speckled Hen, an English ale.
Belikin and Litehouse Lager, beers from Belize.
Orval Beer, made by monks!!!

What are some of your favorite beers, dear reader? What should I try? Why?!?!

September 23, 2008 at 2:12 pm 25 comments

My Experience with Mac Performance


I’ve ranted on here before that I have less than desirable luck sometimes. And yes, to put everything in perspective, at least I don’t have a deadly disease etc etc etc. But that still doesn’t negate the fact that something in my stars just doesn’t line up sometimes, and pretty much everything goes to crap.

Take for instance my experience with Mac Performance – a custom exhaust shop out of Temecula, California. They make all sorts of pipes for cars, motorcycles, etc. They also are one of the only places that still makes aftermarket pipes for the CL/CB 350.

As my scrambler pipes are shot, I decided to order a set of 2 into 1 pipes from them. I first placed my order about 3 weeks ago, on a Thursday. I called and asked if they had them in stock, and they said yes. I said “that is wonderful news, I would like to order a set of these very nice, very chromy pipes.” “No problemo – they will be there on Tuesday, because of the holiday weekend.” “Ok, I said. Thank you very much.”

Tuesday comes around, and no pipes. I check my bank account, and they haven’t even charged me for them yet. So I call them up and ask them what the deal is with my order. The man on the phone says “you know those are out of stock, right?” I reply calmly (with a minimum amount of snark) “no – why would I order something that is out of stock? You guys told me you had them in stock. When will they be back in stock?” He answers “I have no idea.” You have no idea? You are the manufacturer of these pipes, and you have no idea? I cancel my order.

Everywhere else on the internet is completely out of stock of these pipes as well, and every place I call doesn’t know when they will get them back in stock, because Mac Performance doesn’t know. So I resign myself to having to get stock CB headers and replacement exhausts – something that is undesirable to me because I don’t like the look. However, a smooth running bike is more important to me.

(Way more boring junk after the jump)


September 22, 2008 at 11:09 am 5 comments

Had the tools, not the talent

September 21, 2008 at 6:58 pm 3 comments

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