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Parellel Lines in a slow decline!

A necklace of 50 eyes.. is your to keep!!!!

It says it is only 1:56 but it is really 2:56.

Pink’s hotdogs review: NOT THE BEST, but NOT HE THE worst. Not worth the wait. They are HOT DOGS people. LA is full of things that promise to be four times as good, they cost twice as much, and deliver half the satisfaction!! (Partial credit: Charley)


I met Andy Kaufman tonight. Awesome!


October 29, 2006 at 8:56 am

Has the Shoe World Gone Mad?

I must ask this!!!!!! I was out shopping for shoes today.. and I couldn’t get ANYTHING in my size! I couldn’t even get a pair of brown checked Vans in 12!! WHAT IS HAPPENING? I’m freaking out, right? And I don’t feel like going to Hollywood. So I remember.. “ahh.. Urban Outfitters has a small shoe department, and they usually stock Onitsuka Tigers!” So I go down there, and find the pair I want, and ask for them in a size 12. I put them on, and they are too big! WHAT?!? Again!? First the Jack Purcells are too big in a 12, now these? Are shoe sizes getting bigger, or are my feet shrinking? I feel like I’m going mad! I get them in 11, and luckily they fit PERFECT.

I get home and complain to Jaxon how shoe sizes have gone insane, and how I can’t get anything in a size that fits me. He asks me “Are you sure you are a 12?” Don’t be a fool, I say! My red shoes are 12’s! I pick them up and show him the tag on the tongue, which says “11.”


11? Since when was I an eleven?!? Oh yeah.. for the last 10 freaking years!!! It is those darn Locals flip-flops that screwed me up! I ordered some size 11 Locals months ago, and had to end up giving them away because they were too small, so I got a size 12 from a happy island hopper. This is where my mind got all screwed up! Then, I order the Jack Purcells in 12, and Alex warms me they run big, and I get them and they did run big, approximately a size too large! “Should have got the 11, even though I wear a 12!” I related (a little joke for Charley).

So anyway.. the whole shoe debacle is over, and now I own some hangover-poo brown Tigers. PHEW!

October 26, 2006 at 11:15 pm

Rant: The Public Eye, Celebrity Diseases, and Political Assholes

I guess it is time to get serious for a few moments. Just a few.

Rush Limbaugh is an asshole, right? The fat, pill popping, right-wing “commentator” sure knows how to cross lines. Not content with his daily politico hate speech about everything that is wrong with the country, he has turned to accusing celebrities with horribly debilitating diseases of fakery. Just when you think that he couldn’t get any lower, he accuses Michael J. Fox of faking his tremors during a political ad where he endorses a candidate who is pro-stem cell research. Limbaugh said that Fox was “exaggerating the effects of the disease,” thus exploiting his disease for political gain.

Fox has had Parkinson’s disease for nearly a decade now, and has stayed out of much of the public eye. He has testified in front of Congress, started a foundation for Parkinson’s disease research, and acted in a few episodes of popular series. This ad is really the first we’ve seen of Fox as a regular figure in years, even more if you didn’t watch “Spin City.”

To insinuate that Michael J. Fox would purposefully exaggerate or fake the tremors caused by both the disease and the medication is absolutely sickening. Would Limbaugh have said the same if it were anyone else on the ad with a horribly debilitating disease? Would he be so brazen and rude to poke fun at him as he tries and steady himself and keep composure during the most simple of tasks? Parkinson’s disease takes over your body in a way that I can only imagine as being the most frusturating experience in your life. My grandmother had Parkinson’s disease the last few years of her life, and it was heartbreaking to watch her try and drink a glass of water, but it shook so uncontrollably that she couldn’t get it an inch off the nightstand. Her body swayed and her voice weakened to the point that she stayed in bed during her last few months.

Mr. Limbaugh, you are a sad man. The fact that because Michael J. Fox is a celebrity doesn’t mean that he doesn’t suffer as much as anyone else. Rush Limbaugh cares for only one person, and that is himself. Along with being uninformed and willfully ignorant, he is devoid of the very thing that makes most people human: compassion and respect.

What a jerk.

October 26, 2006 at 3:45 am 1 comment

General Update

How is everyone doing? Good, good. Me? Oh.. I’m fine! I’ve had this last week “off” and I’ve been doing wonderfully productive things. For instance, I picked up “The Beach Boys Love You” and Joe Jackson’s “Look Sharp” yesterday.. both rule! I also rearranged my room, and I have begun rearranging the apartment to.. you know.. get the bad elements out.

I carved a pumpkin, but let’s face it.. it didn’t turn out that great. I had to carve “GAY SAILOR” in the side just so it was recognizable.

Hmm.. that post right below should be explained. Alexis Marie Clark was a small bird I befriended in the park.. recognizable among all the other birds because of its distinct chirp. I fed the bird crumbs all the time. The name, you ask? I named it Alexis because I’m pretty sure the bird is female, Marie because I saw it near a burrito stand, and Clark for “Clark Kent,” because Superman could fly, much like my little bird friend. Get it? That’s what that post was about.. I miss that little bird. Nothing more.

I’m in a club now.. it’s a club of two, but a STRONG club of two! Its the Roky Erickson club. We collect all of Roky Erickson’s albums and rock to them. So far I’m a horrible failure, but his stuff is hard to find, ok?

Halloween? What’s that?

P.S. Never, ever, ever do a google image search for “kissing muscles.” You get way more than what you bargain for.

October 25, 2006 at 4:25 pm

Oh Shoot!

Where is Alexis Clark?!?! Charley, you know who I’m talking about! Sorry bout that, Alexis Marie Clark! You were great! You looked exactly like J. Lo!!!!!!!!

October 21, 2006 at 7:50 am 1 comment

Top 3: Albums I bought today

I took a trip to Amoeba today.. the best record store on the planet? Actually, I was more impressed with the Haight Amoeba in SF when I visited it years ago.. but the one in Hollywood will do while I’m here. Here are the albums I bought:

1. Turbonegro – Party Animals

Finally? It has been out for over a year, but it never came in at the record store I worked at, and I finally found it used at Amoeba. Hmmm… has Turbonegro lost their edge? Are they trying too hard? “City of Satan” sounds like it belongs on a second rate Metallica/Slayer album. We’ll see how I warm up.

2. Roxy Music – Flesh & Blood

Haven’t listened to this because I left this (and the next album) at Alex’s posh Hollywood apartment because I didn’t bring a bag worthy of carrying albums in. Supposedly a synth-heavy embarrasment to the Roxy Music catalog. I can’t wait.

3. Love & Rockets – Earth, Sun, Moon

Another chance taken on a cheap record.. this is supposed to be L&R’s move toward pop and away from the gothy Joy Division-esque debut “Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven.” I really like that album though.. it reminds me of Jesus & Mary Chain. We’ll see!

In other news: Q’s Billiards Club has free pool before 7 everyday. What a deal. And I’ve actually been doing pretty good.

Not looking forward to the holidays.

Until next post!

October 20, 2006 at 2:42 am 1 comment

My Poor Friend

October 16, 2006 at 4:46 am 1 comment

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