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“You Satisfy Me” Live

People are starting to post videos of the Boston Spaceships shows:

Hearing people sing along gives me the chills.


October 21, 2008 at 2:45 pm

right on roger

Courtesy of Pop Zeus – here is the setlist for the Cincinatti Boston Spaceships show:

1. Psych Threat
2. Zero Fix
3. To The Path!
4. Father’s Favorite Temperature (The Takeovers – Bad Football)
5. You Satisfy Me
6. The Blondes
7. Ready To Pop
8. The Butler Stands For All Of Us (from upcoming Pollard 7″ of same name)
9. Heavy Crown (from next Boston Spaceships record)
10. No One But I
11. Love Theory (Psycho And The Birds – We’ve Moved)
12. Rat Trap
13. The Original Heart
14. Brown Submarine
15. Headache Revolution (Guided By Voices – Suitcase 2)
16. Weatherman And Skin Goddess
17. North 11 AM
18. 1 Years Old
19. Two Girl Area
20. Still In Rome
21. Winston’s Atomic Bird
22. Catherine From Mid-October (Robert Pollard – Zoom EP)
23. First Spill Is Free (The Takeovers – Turn To Red)
24. Andy Playboy
25. Blue Gil (Guided By Voices – Suitcase)
26. Little Green Onion Man (The Takeovers – Bad Football)
27. Confessions Of A Teenage Jerk-Off
28. Ate It Twice
29. Soggy Beavers
30. Dorothy Is A Planet (Guided By Voices – Suitcase)
31. Hound Has The Advantage (Psycho And The Birds – We’ve Moved)
32. Western Centipede
33. Go For the Exit
34. Wealth & Hell Being

35. Hello There (Cheap Trick cover)
36. Sensational Gravity Boy (Guided By Voices – Briefcase / Red, Hot & Bothered comp)
37. Carnival At The Morning Star School (Guided By Voices – Suitcase)
38. Crutch Came Slinking (Guided By Voices – King Shit And The Golden Boys [Box])
39. Gratification To Concrete

HOLY CRAPOLA what a set! And even better, Phil (who runs Pop Zeus) says that they have been playing GBV songs such as “Tractor Rape Chain” and “Cut Out Witch” in the encore. I’ve been trying to stay off the GBV message board “Disarm The Settlers” so I keep some surprises – but hot damn I really need to go look at the rest of the set lists.

My favorite song on Brown Submarine is “Psych Threat,” and I’m very excited they are using this as their opener – it is a balls out rocker and will be the pitch perfect opener for what is sure to be the best concert I have ever been to… and I’ve been to a few.

Oh.. and “Crutch Came Slinking” in the encore?!? OH MAAAAAAAAN AWESOME!

September 30, 2008 at 3:25 pm 4 comments

Robert Pollard’s “Psychic Pilot Clocks Out”

From Not In My Airforce:

The sign shed light on who is lonely
Run and hide – I’m alright
Light me, blood clot
I am only a child of light
And I’m going all the way
And I’ve thrown it all away

Service time is lonely
Live it up before you pass away

In my sight- no more fighting
Don’t be defensive- not with me
Every issue presents itself
We address them quickly
And throw them all away
And I’ve thrown them all away

Service time is lonely
Live it up before you pass away

I feel life passing on by us…

Download an awesome live version right here, recorded right here in Silver Lake at my favorite: Space Land. (Track 25)

August 4, 2008 at 4:05 pm


Go Back Snowball – Go Gold
Robert Pollard – Gold
Guided by Voices – Gold Hick
Guided by Voices – Gold Star for Robot Boy
Guided by Voices – The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
Lexo and the Leapers – Will You Show Me Your Gold?

And of course the seminal album “King Shit and the Golden Boys”

Robert – I don’t like gold!

July 11, 2008 at 9:52 am 3 comments

Mail Order King – All Bob News

These are coming soon:

Carbon Whales 7″

From Rockathon Records:

The Carbon Whales are an obscure band from the late 70s that actor Paddy Considine turned Bob on to. The 4 songs on this EP are apparently the only things they ever recorded. It was never released. Bob really loved it so we tracked the band down and asked if we could release it.”

Listen to a bit of “The Jeep” right here.

The Takeovers – Little Green Onion Man 7″

From Off Records:

This freaky little beast that be is the new Takeovers release the “Little Green Onion Man” EP. A nice mini-movie comprised of 4 songs (one from the Bad Football album—the other 3 are unreleased Robert Pollard compositions) that warmly straddles the loosey-goosey psych-pop sounds of their first album, Turn To Red as well as the white knuckled rock pomp of their second (Bad Football).”

Hand numbered and limited to 500 copies online. I’ll have one of them.

I also have been listening to Robert Pollard’s latest album “Robert Pollard is Off to Business” and it is really good. I ordered the vinyl because Rockathon sent an Advance copy of the CD along with your order so you can put it on your iPod, etc. I also ordered the final three 45’s from the Happy Jack Rock Records singles, including the long awaited extended version of “Frostman.” I also received the web only release of the “Weatherman and Skin Goddess” EP.

I was very disappointed with “Superman Was a Rocker” which felt like one of the “Briefcase: Suitcase Abridged” collections. I’ll revisit it later.

Finally – tour dates were released for Pollard’s new band, Boston Spaceships. (Download “Go For the Exit“). Tour dates are as follows:

Thu 9/25 Cincinnati OH – Midpoint Music Festival
Fri 9/26 Cleveland OH – Grog Shop
Sat 9/27 Washington DC – Black Cat
Mon 9/29 Philadelphia PA – Johnny Brendas
Tue 9/30 Boston MA – Paradise
Wed 10/1 New York City – Highline Ballroom
Fri 10/3 Ann Arbor MI – Blind Pig
Sat 10/4 Dayton OH – Dayton Music Festival
Mon 10/6 Chicago IL – Double Door
Tue 10/7 St Paul MN – Turf Club
Thu 10/9 Champaing IL – High Dive
Fri 10/10 St Louis MO – Bluebird
Sat 10/11 Memphis TN – Hi Tone
Tue 10/14 Austin TX- Parish
Wed 10/15Dallas TX – The Loft
Fri 10/17 Atlanta GA – The Earl
Sat 10/18 Nashville TN- Mercy Lounge

I will be attending the Austin show, and then driving up the next day for the Dallas show. Would you like to attend? I was going to do the Atlanta show, but it will be at my ex-girlfriend’s Dad’s bar… so that would be awkward.  Buy your airplane tickets today – it is going to be a hell of a couple of shows!

June 25, 2008 at 11:57 am 4 comments

3 Awesome Guided By Voices Videos

Proving that I have nothing to write about yet, or have been lacking the will to write – I present the best Guided By Voices videos on Youtube!

First off – “My Valuable Hunting Knife.” This isn’t the version from Alien Lanes, it is the 7″ single version, also available on the Tigerbomb EP (7″ only) or on the Hardcore UFO’s boxset.

This video is great and reminiscent of older REM videos to me, random footage intercut with the band on a stage, playing the song. Sort of like “What’s the Frequency Kenneth.”

Look for: The Pollard bow @ :42, the “presenting items to the camera ala “It’s the End of the World as we Know It” @ :50 and 1:30, and a super high kick @ 2:07.

Next, it’s an awkward Matt Pinfield interview from 1996 on 120 Minutes!

This is off their tour of “Under the Bushes, Under the Stars.” Watch for a “Back to Saturn X” comment by Pollard, which is an awesome, obscure GBV song with an excellent write-up right here.

Finally – this last video almost brings me to tears and goosebumps. It is “Game of Pricks” live at Guided By Voices’ last show in Dayton, Ohio. This is one of the most played songs for all of GBV’s live shows – and the energy in this live version is bounced back from the audience singing along and it is electric and amazing and awesome.

June 13, 2008 at 10:48 am 3 comments

Wonders: All Men Are Freezing

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Surprise – another Robert Pollard song deconstruction!

Steven Soderbergh’s first film-distribution experiment “Bubble” was an odd little film. Simultaneously released in theaters and on DVD, after watching it I couldn’t help but feel that the “experiment” would have had more weight to it if it were a bigger film. In fact Soderbergh was the only real “name” involved with the film, unless you looked a little closer and notice that Robert Pollard did the soundtrack to the album.

Bob released it as a 6 song EP, and its actually a good little soundtrack. “Boring About” is an instrumental version of “Boxing About” that was released on From a Compound Eye. “747 Ego” is a genuine rocker and repeated twice on the album, the second time with “Oh Yeah” added to the title and Pollard adding his own harmonies and backup singing seemingly from the next room.

However, the first song on the EP is the standout track. It is just over 2 minutes long and just about perfect. The lyrics aren’t available online, so after the jump I’ve done my best to write them out.


April 28, 2008 at 4:01 pm 1 comment

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