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Top 10: Pollard songs around a minute long

Image Credit: Aquarium Drunkard

Robert Pollard is famous for having (literally) suitcases full of songs. Some of the most common criticism is his lack of self-editing. They are wrong! He self-edits all the time, then lets the hardcore purchase all the edits in the Suitcase boxsets and albums like Superman Was a Rocker.

I thought I would gather ten of my favorite songs that clock in under or around one minute. Other artists might have edited these right out of their album, but then we would be missing a lot of pop gems. Let’s begin! (after the jump)



December 1, 2008 at 10:51 pm 2 comments

right on roger

Courtesy of Pop Zeus – here is the setlist for the Cincinatti Boston Spaceships show:

1. Psych Threat
2. Zero Fix
3. To The Path!
4. Father’s Favorite Temperature (The Takeovers – Bad Football)
5. You Satisfy Me
6. The Blondes
7. Ready To Pop
8. The Butler Stands For All Of Us (from upcoming Pollard 7″ of same name)
9. Heavy Crown (from next Boston Spaceships record)
10. No One But I
11. Love Theory (Psycho And The Birds – We’ve Moved)
12. Rat Trap
13. The Original Heart
14. Brown Submarine
15. Headache Revolution (Guided By Voices – Suitcase 2)
16. Weatherman And Skin Goddess
17. North 11 AM
18. 1 Years Old
19. Two Girl Area
20. Still In Rome
21. Winston’s Atomic Bird
22. Catherine From Mid-October (Robert Pollard – Zoom EP)
23. First Spill Is Free (The Takeovers – Turn To Red)
24. Andy Playboy
25. Blue Gil (Guided By Voices – Suitcase)
26. Little Green Onion Man (The Takeovers – Bad Football)
27. Confessions Of A Teenage Jerk-Off
28. Ate It Twice
29. Soggy Beavers
30. Dorothy Is A Planet (Guided By Voices – Suitcase)
31. Hound Has The Advantage (Psycho And The Birds – We’ve Moved)
32. Western Centipede
33. Go For the Exit
34. Wealth & Hell Being

35. Hello There (Cheap Trick cover)
36. Sensational Gravity Boy (Guided By Voices – Briefcase / Red, Hot & Bothered comp)
37. Carnival At The Morning Star School (Guided By Voices – Suitcase)
38. Crutch Came Slinking (Guided By Voices – King Shit And The Golden Boys [Box])
39. Gratification To Concrete

HOLY CRAPOLA what a set! And even better, Phil (who runs Pop Zeus) says that they have been playing GBV songs such as “Tractor Rape Chain” and “Cut Out Witch” in the encore. I’ve been trying to stay off the GBV message board “Disarm The Settlers” so I keep some surprises – but hot damn I really need to go look at the rest of the set lists.

My favorite song on Brown Submarine is “Psych Threat,” and I’m very excited they are using this as their opener – it is a balls out rocker and will be the pitch perfect opener for what is sure to be the best concert I have ever been to… and I’ve been to a few.

Oh.. and “Crutch Came Slinking” in the encore?!? OH MAAAAAAAAN AWESOME!

September 30, 2008 at 3:25 pm 4 comments


Happened to search Craigslist for “Guided by Voices” and found a lady selling a bunch of 45’s. She agreed to sell me “The Official Ironmen Rally Song” and the Tigerbomb EP seperately from the big lot. I get them tomorrow.

I’ve been waiting a long time for that Tigerbomb EP.

July 1, 2008 at 12:57 pm 17 comments

3 Awesome Guided By Voices Videos

Proving that I have nothing to write about yet, or have been lacking the will to write – I present the best Guided By Voices videos on Youtube!

First off – “My Valuable Hunting Knife.” This isn’t the version from Alien Lanes, it is the 7″ single version, also available on the Tigerbomb EP (7″ only) or on the Hardcore UFO’s boxset.

This video is great and reminiscent of older REM videos to me, random footage intercut with the band on a stage, playing the song. Sort of like “What’s the Frequency Kenneth.”

Look for: The Pollard bow @ :42, the “presenting items to the camera ala “It’s the End of the World as we Know It” @ :50 and 1:30, and a super high kick @ 2:07.

Next, it’s an awkward Matt Pinfield interview from 1996 on 120 Minutes!

This is off their tour of “Under the Bushes, Under the Stars.” Watch for a “Back to Saturn X” comment by Pollard, which is an awesome, obscure GBV song with an excellent write-up right here.

Finally – this last video almost brings me to tears and goosebumps. It is “Game of Pricks” live at Guided By Voices’ last show in Dayton, Ohio. This is one of the most played songs for all of GBV’s live shows – and the energy in this live version is bounced back from the audience singing along and it is electric and amazing and awesome.

June 13, 2008 at 10:48 am 3 comments

Wonders: GBV’s Sister I Need Wine and Frostman

I will be writing this entire post without the use of commas. May god have mercy on my soul.

I was working at Ground Kontrol the day Isolation Drills came out and I told the guy I was with to watch the counter while I ran down to Ozone to pick it up.

We put the album on and listened to it a while. My only exposure to GBV at this time was their slickly produced Do the Collapse and a copy of Sunfish Holy Breakfast a coworker let me borrow. Me and my coworker were talking about the album when he mentioned that Robert Pollard had just got divorced. I was reading the back of the album and saw the song “Sister I Need Wine” and immediately thought I saw a correlation.


April 23, 2008 at 12:56 pm 7 comments

what gives me goosebumps in the morning

we’ve got cowbells and clay,
make us all obey,
and work will be of worth,
for the sketch of explorers,
and the hot air annoyers,
good men destoyers,
future employers,
cowboys and lawyers,
and we all will be warriors!


(I’ll replace you with machines)

March 14, 2008 at 10:18 am

Guided by Voices: Drag Days

“Drag Days” is my favorite song from Under the Bushes, Under the Stars (an awesome albums, and a great acronym: UTBUTS!).

Well, it has been weird my dear reader. I’ve been thinking about this song a lot lately – and it has been playing a TON while my songs are on shuffle on the way to work. At least once a day. Out of all the Guided by Voices tracks I have on my iPod (high hundreds), “Drag Days” keeps coming on.

So it is time to write about it.

Drag days are not too bad but move too slow
I file them, I want them not to linger so
now we come to drag days
now we come to drag days

From the title, I always think about racing. But of course it isn’t about racing, it is about those days that are like giant weights around your feet.. slowing you down. These days are tiring – I’ve had a few.

Fake capes baby, they’re too hard to wear
put them on and everyone will stare
we have come to drag days
we have come to drag days

we escape them sometimes
when things are different, more intensified
we escape them within the walls
of our fidgety hearts where we hide

The second verse is a possible distraction from the boredom. Fake capes! But baby, they are too hard to wear. So we get introspection in the bridge – “we escape them sometimes when things are different, more intensified.” This is how I escape my drag days, escape monotony and escape whatever it is that is slowing me down – internally or externally. I think these days exist because there is nothing extraordinary to help us escape them.

way on out beyond the factory yards
up and over the security guards
we have come to drag days
we have come to drag days

Stark imagery – factory yards and security guards. The imagery reminds me of REM’s “Finest Worksong,” but I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is the music video.

What I really love about this song (and most GbV songs) is the optimism in the song. Sure, it could be construed as a depressing songs, but to me it is simply acknowlegding those days, and also acknowledging that they won’t be around for long. It’s the bridge again, then the final lines of the song, repeated:

they will turn around!
they will turn around!

Yes they will.

Lyrics, as always, from GBVDB.

I can’t find “Drag Days” online for you to listen to, but just go buy Under the Bushes, Under the Stars. You won’t regret it.

March 13, 2008 at 1:49 pm 4 comments

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