The The’s “Dogs of Lust”

November 19, 2008 at 3:41 pm

Dusk deals with a lot things internal – love, lust, loneliness. The three L’s. The whole album has a really amazing early 90’s sound that you only find on certain REM albums, or all the bands from the “My So Called Life” soundtrack.

The video can’t be embedded, so here is the YouTube link.

From Dusk:

Here they come! The dogs of lust.
Out of my mind, into my life.
Somebody should be here to hold me
Somebody should be here to show me, show me!

When you’re lustful. When you’re lonely.
and the heat is rising slowly.

I got it blue. I got it bad.
I got the sweetest sadness I ever had.
As the hours pass before my eyes.
As the hours pass before me.

I keep reaching up
but they drag me back down
Wherever I try to hide
I will always be found

Rising slowly

If you dig this, ask me for the album. Or check out Slow Emotion Replay. Pretty poignant lyrics for the times, even if the album came out 16 years ago:

“Everybody knows what’s going on with the world, I don’t even know what’s going on in myself.”

Plus, Johnny Marr plays on it. Listen to it. If you want a version without the lame talking in it, email me.


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