Honda twin 2 into 1 pipes

August 27, 2008 at 2:30 pm

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This is it!

It has been confirmed from a website that if I have holes in one of my mufflers on a scrambler, it will make my idle go screwy. This, along with old carbs is why I have been fighting my idle more and more as my poor scrambler pipes deteriorate.

The solution: CB350 2 into 1 Mac exhausts. This will fit on my bike no problem, and will give me full access to my left-side carb and air filter, so I can replace my carbs and rejet them without having to pull those damn scrambler pipes all the time.

I called the a bunch of places and everywhere is sold out of these pipes. I called Mac exhausts directly, and they got my number and will call me back when they have found the pipes for my bike. After that, it will be a call to Sudco to get the approximate jetting for my Mikuni carbs, then it will be a weekend of fiddling.

I’ll hold onto my scrambler pipes and get them repaired, someday. They are tough to find, especially ones that aren’t eaten away with rust.


I just got a call back from Mac Performance, and they found my pipes for me. So, in the interest of anyone who happens to get here by Google, here is the information I hunted down:

Replacement Mac Performance 2 into 1 pipes for 70’s Honda Twins (CB and CL) is Part #001-0103. These are visible at the Mac catalog (PDF link). They will run you 240 bucks, but that is a lot cheaper than a good set of NOS scrambler pipes.

Can I borrow 240 dollars?


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