2000 RPM Conundrum

August 12, 2008 at 9:32 am

Last night I decided to try and track down (again) my idle problem. My Honda has had the hardest time idling lately, to my constant annoyance. Last week I took apart both carbs and cleaned them, checked each jet and made sure I didn’t any blockages. (I must remember to pick up some canned air, as I had to blow through each jet and carb cleaner and gasoline don’t taste good). Put it all back together, synced both carbs, adjusted the idle mixture and kicked it over – and I was still having problems. Now my right piston was backfiring, and it took me a few kicks to get it going. However, I did track down and stop a leak in my bowl on the right carb (made a little custom gasket which seems to be holding fine).

Garr! So last night, while she was still warm, I emptied the oil for a routine oil change. While the bike was drained, I decided to readjust my valve tappets and check my alternator. I was very diligent on my valves, turning each cylinder to TDC and adjusting each intake to .05mm and each exhaust to .10mm. After this was done, pulled each plug and checked them, regapped one and threw the other away to replace with a fresh one. I filled the bike with my current choice of oil (10W-40 Castrol Syntec Blend), checked my plug connections and made sure everything was good. At this point the bike was completely cold. I got on and kicked and it started on the first kick. More importantly, it was idling strong at a relatively low 1000 rpm. I was very happy.

This morning was the ultimate test, however. Once again, she started up on the first kick and was idling low at around 1k. This was fine though, because my idle problem has been occuring after it warms up. After a long stretch (Vista Del Mar, along the beach) I’ll come to a stop and the bike will no longer be idling at 1000 or 1200ROM, but at 3000RPM or more. I usually have to snap the throttle once or twice to bring it down, but it will only settle to 2000RPM. This is absolutely maddening because no matter how much I fiddle with idle mixture or the idle screws, it always settles at 2000RPM.

So this morning after Vista Del Mar, I came to a stop, and sure enough it was racing at 3000RPM. I snapped the throttle and it wouldn’t come down. So I reached down and gave the slide on my left carb a little rev, and it brought her down. So once again, I’ve isolated it down to the carbs, but it is definitely my left carb. Strange, too, because the needle and jets all looked fine, and it isn’t physically sticking anywhere I can see. The good news is that every stop after than the idle came down just fine (even a little too low at one point). I can deal with tapping the slide at stops every once in a while until I throw the Mikunis in.

Finally, in addition to the Mikunis, I’m planning on ditching those scrambler pipes I get so many comments on. They are beginning to look like swiss cheese and I’m a little tired of pulling them everytime I need to access the left side carb/air filter. I have a lineup on some CB350 headers, and I’m planning on trying to find some old 550 mufflers to throw on the headers and make some small pipes that go under the bike. The headers will be easy, the mufflers not as easy. Projects, projects, projects.

Thanks for listening!


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