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July 27, 2008 at 4:55 pm 1 comment

Note: If you go to my MUXTAPE and it isn’t titled “Stacked Rock Dictionary,” then this is an old post and you should click the MUXTAPE tag to find my latest one.

So I was alerted to MUXTAPE a while back, and have been messing around with it from time to time. If you’ve known me for a good amount of time, you know I am a huge fan of mix tapes. Maybe I’ve made you one (if you’re lucky!). But now you can ALL BE LUCKY! Because of 

P.S. I don’t know why I need to type MUXTAPE in all caps, it just feels right.

Basically, MUXTAPE allows you to upload up to 12 songs and arrange them as you want, then people can listen to the mix. What I especially enjoy about this site is that it requires no additional software for the listener, it has a great clean interface, and it doesn’t allow the listener to skip around the song (just like you are listening to a tape). However, you can skip the entire track. (Click the track to start the song, click it again to pause the track)

The current MUXTAPE I have up is called “Stacked Rock Dictionary.” It sort of came about on accident. I was creating a random mix, and I noticed most of the songs had a theme of escape… especially to the outdoors. This along with my recent purchase of Pacific Ocean Blue, sort of sealed the theme.

The tracks are included after the break. Click here to listen to the mix.

1. Dennis Wilson – Rainbows (Pacific Ocean Blue)

This is my second favorite song off of Dennis Wilson’s solo album Pacific Ocean Blue. I feel like it is a spiritual sequel to the opener – “River Song.” It also reminds me of Elton John’s song “Holiday Inn” off of Madman Across the Water.

2. Dark Green Energy – Robyn Hitchcock (w/ Michael Stipe, Peter Buck)

This is an amazing song that actually introduced me to Robyn Hitchcock. I was looking up R.E.M. covers a long time ago, and this came up as a cover by Michael Stipe. Of course, as soon as I heard it I could tell it wasn’t Michael singing the main part. A little research turned me on to Robyn Hitchcock. A beautiful, haunting song.

3. Guided by Voices – Drag Days (Under the Bushes, Under the Stars)

I previously wrote about Drag Days here. I thought it was an appropriate song about escape and change. Plus – did you really think I could make a mixtape without GBV?

4. Long Time Comin’ – Bruce Springsteen (Devils & Dust)

My favorite song off an amazingly strong album. A song about getting older and accepting what you’ve done and what’s coming up. 

5. Hey Mama Wolf – Devendra Banhart (Cripple Crow)

This song has always felt like something you could play while camping – and of course it has nature themes. It was between this and the title song of the album, and this won out.

6. Elton John – Country Comfort (Tumbleweed Connection)

One listen to this classic track off of Elton John’s “old-west obsessed” album, and you’ll understand why it had to belong on a mixtape about going home.

7. Pavement – Range Life (Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain)

Why not follow up some classic Elton John with some classic Pavement? I had to include this song, as it is the song I most remember from moving to Los Angeles. I would listen to this in Santa Monica, and maybe I should have taken the line “hey you gotta pay your dues, before you pay the rent” more to heart. 

8. Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros – Mondo Bongo (Global A Go-Go)

This is the second act breather. An amazingly relaxing song indicative of Joe Strummer’s great appreciation of the same latin and island based music that brought up albums like Sandanista! and all his solo efforts.

9. Fleetwood Mac – Blue Letter (Fleetwood Mac)

This was an instant inclusion, but hard to justify. I really, really dig Fleetwood Mac’s self titled record, and I received it on CD one Christmas because I wore out the cassette version my parents bought when it was released. I listened to this album a lot in my car, going to and from my pizza job in the city. It just fits in there for me, plus it’s a great song.

10. Belle and Sebastian – Asleep on a Sunbeam (Dear Catastrophe Waitress)

Despite its saccharine name, it is hands down the greatest song about waking up and going camping. Easy.

11. Neko Case – I Wish I Was the Moon (Blacklisted)

It is hard to pick out a favorite song on one of the most amazing albums of all time, but this one comes close. I remember listening to this song at the end of the party I threw for my 25th birthday in Eugene.

12. The Beach Boys – Country Air (Wild Honey)

So I sort of did a mixtape faux-pas and doubled up (Beach Boys and Dennis Wilson). But this simple harmony off of one of my favorite Beach Boys albums sums up a lot about how great it is to just get out in nature. And no, I’m not a hippy.


I hope you enjoy the mixtape. I won’t be mad at you if you slip around, but I highly recommend you put it on and listen to it from one end to the other… you know, while you are working or something. If you want a copy of any of the songs, or the whole thing, just let me know.

Also, if you listened to the mixtape (or even some of it) I’d love your feedback.

By the way, this marks my 700th post. Wowsers.


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  • 1. Nate to the Rageous  |  August 5, 2008 at 1:39 am

    I like your mix! Where are the comments?

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