Hello, love: The Ace Cafe Racer

June 26, 2008 at 10:54 am

via Hell For Leather Magazine:

“After revealing Little Miss Dynamite, the first Ace Café Racer, to a small audience on June 9th, the Ace has finally released official images and the results of its dyno run. The 100ci S&S v-twin makes 135bhp and 105lb/ft of torque at 75% throttle and 5,000rpm. Expect production bikes, benefiting from more development time, to do even better.”

Read more and see more here.

Love the wheels, love the tank shape, wish the speedo were sunk down into the headset so the bars were the highest part of the bike. And please, ditch the chrome and leave the shiny stuff for accents only.

But I’ll still take one.


Entry filed under: 2 Wheel Luv.

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