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April 28, 2008 at 4:01 pm 1 comment

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Surprise – another Robert Pollard song deconstruction!

Steven Soderbergh’s first film-distribution experiment “Bubble” was an odd little film. Simultaneously released in theaters and on DVD, after watching it I couldn’t help but feel that the “experiment” would have had more weight to it if it were a bigger film. In fact Soderbergh was the only real “name” involved with the film, unless you looked a little closer and notice that Robert Pollard did the soundtrack to the album.

Bob released it as a 6 song EP, and its actually a good little soundtrack. “Boring About” is an instrumental version of “Boxing About” that was released on From a Compound Eye. “747 Ego” is a genuine rocker and repeated twice on the album, the second time with “Oh Yeah” added to the title and Pollard adding his own harmonies and backup singing seemingly from the next room.

However, the first song on the EP is the standout track. It is just over 2 minutes long and just about perfect. The lyrics aren’t available online, so after the jump I’ve done my best to write them out.

For all you’ve done
I’ll miss you anyway
Anywhere you crawl
Through blackest years and human glass
I will miss you
for no good reason

Longer hours I can’t get off
I will kiss you in my hand
In storm and death threats
naked air
I will miss you

Dreaming of your eyes
not your skin
Falling through the holes myriad
Where there’s nothing burning
I will make that big turn

I can’t see you now to miss you
I can’t see you now to kiss you
I am only gone, all and none

Those first lines give me chills. I’ve always pictured this song as a letter from the writer to someone far away, someone that hurt the writer almost unforgivably. But the writer is still in love, still misses her. She is far away, and perhaps suffering through her darkest, most fragile times. And she hurt him and the writer feels ridiculous, but he misses her anyway (for no good reason).

And to be clear, the writer and the recipient had something deeper than physical attraction. He’s dreaming of her eyes, not her skin. But she’s been gone so long, he can’t see her anymore. Those eyes are fading from his memory and slowly so is she. And she disappears from his life as much as he did from hers.

The lyrics may be the most straight forward on the album, and the rest of the album doesn’t really fit this tone. The songwriting (or at least my interpretation of it) doesn’t really reflect the movie’s story or tone, either. The song really just exists on its own, and it really is a hidden gem in the vast sea of Pollard’s songs. I’ve only used this song on one mixtape, but it sits undelivered.

You can listen to 30 seconds of the song online here, or just ask me and I’ll email you a copy.


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  • 1. melissalion  |  April 28, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    Oh dear. Had a dream last night about a boy who made me feel just that way. In my dream, he was happy to see me. Can’t shake it today.

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