April 14, 2008 at 8:53 am

I forgot this story. On my way back from Rosamond this weekend, I stopped at a gas station to top up my tank and eat some cheese crackers before hitting the canyons.

This guy came over and said “How is the 350 running?” I said “it is running fine, thanks.” He started talking about how he used to race go-karts and motorcycles at Willow Springs. I said that was great. Then he asked me if I raced my 350.

I said “No, this isn’t really built for racing, it is pretty much stock.”

The man gave me a look like I was crazy. “WHAT? YOU SHOULD RACE IT! All you need is trial tires! Trial tires, dude. They are so sticky. I had this one motorcycle and I put trial tires on it and they were so cheap and great. You look at them and they are square! And.. well.. when you burnout with those tires (points at my bike) they make a noise like this: “BRRREEEERRUUUUUUURRRRRT” but with TRIAL TIRES they make a noise like this “WREEEEEN-ERRRRT” and that’s all you need to race out there! I’m telling you dude – trial tires. Just get some trial tires and race.”

I just nodded, then he said he is out on the streets right now, and I nodded. Then some Harleys showed up and he wandered over to them.

So I’m totally shopping for some square trial tires online right now.


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