Heading Out

April 11, 2008 at 9:35 pm

Tomorrow morning, at the crack of dawn, I’m heading north to Rosamond, CA to the Corsa Motoclassica 2008! Tonight, instead of seeing a wicked awesome concert tonight, I decided to make sure my bike was all set for the trip. I changed the oil and reset my pipes, checked my timing and fixed a small oil leak on my left side of the crank. I think it is all ready.

Here is the route I’m taking just in case you are wondering. (Or I don’t return and I am lost in some desert canyon cooking my shoes for food).

I’m actually going out alone – Jaxon got a job this weekend and won’t be making it. So I bought a small magnetic tank bag and fixed up a tool kit with everything I’d need to basically take my bike apart. The bag looks good on my bike, and I was going to get one eventually anyway for my big trip. 

Because both of my real digital cameras are broken, I’ll be using my iPhone for digital stills, and a small videocamera for the races. I hope stuff turns out… it would be a great opportunity to take some awesome shots, but I just don’t have the room for the right equipment.

This will be a true test run of riding long distance with the minimum of stuff. I’ll be taking my tank bag, my motorcycle jacket and a long sleeved shirt, and that is it. (I might wear pants, too). Anything I buy or trade there will have to be strapped to the bike. I only plan on getting a new speedometer at the swap meet, and maybe a few motorcycles. Ha! I guess I won’t be camping there, but we’ll see how it goes and who I meet.

My scooter is serious toast – and it looks like I won’t be making the Hedonism scooter rally in two weeks… at least not on my scooter. DURN!!! However, I’m thinking of going out on my motorcycle. I’m feeling it over with the club and stuff.

Did you know I was part of the Westside Scooter Club? It is basically the best damn club out there. Everyone in it is so freaking nice and hospitable, it makes me have faith in humanity. And our Beach Invasion Rally will rule all. Behold:

Okie dokie. If I don’t make it back alive, be sure they play “Motor Away” by GBV at my memorial service! I’ll be back with photos galore!


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