Go Back Snowball: It Is Divine

April 3, 2008 at 10:54 am 1 comment

“Calling Zero” by Go Back Snowball (Robert Pollard and Mac McCaughan from Superchunk) was a surprising treat that grew on me slowly. I bought it in a batch of solo Pollard records, and gave it a single listen and dismissed it as a fun but ultimately uninteresting side project.

A few weeks later I gave it a few listens, and eventually it wasn’t leaving my CD player for weeks at a time. Songs like “Throat of Throats” and “Red Hot Halos” have a weird charm to them, perhaps it is the multitude of instruments used or the longer song format, or the even weirder-than-usual lyrics. (“Sometimes, when it’s look out below. The people, they move too slow. They see and stare and sometimes wear, red hot halos.”)

However, my favorite song on the album is a very straight forward song titled “It Is Divine.” I love songs about summer, and being kids and swimming and hiking and taking your time – I imagine Robert Pollard singing this song to his kids. Songs like these are very nostalgic to be because they remind me of my summers, walking to the river and listening to weird R.E.M. demos on a broken boombox.

The colorful summer
I still remember
The smell of the chlorine
The diving hairline

It is divine, my child
And it only lasts a second

To study the plants
To hike the trails
Stray out from strange echoes
Collect the lights
Advice from the cows

It is divine, my child
And it only lasts a second

To polish the pearl
To open the tomb
To piss on the hot street
Like transistor sunman

It is divine, my child
And it only lasts a second

It’s so fucking true it hurts. Summer is coming – time for a change.


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