Spaceland 13th Anniversary SHOWDOWN

March 3, 2008 at 12:11 pm


I’m sorry, what was that? You see, I can’t hear very well because my ears are ringing from watching 9 bands for 7 hours on Sunday. Why, it was Spaceland’s 13th Anniversary! And the best part? I got in for free! I won tickets through An Aquarium Drunkard. I went with my friend Lindsey.

We got there about 3:30, but the shows started at 1. Here are the bands we saw, after the jump!

(Click on their names to be taken to their myspace page for listenin’)

Oliver Future – We caught the 2nd half of their show, and they were good. There were three girls standing in a row doing that indie-girl dance, and I thought that was precious. Their last song I remember really liking.. too bad I wouldn’t be able to identify it now to save my life.

The Movies – Fucking amazing, as usual. Played “Autograph” and did a really great version of “Missed Opportunites” and “Monumental Life,” both which are listenable on their myspace page. I came for The Movies, all the rest was just a bonus.

Radar Bros. – I was really excited to see them after listening to a little bit of them on the internet, and reading so much about them on all the L.A. music blogs. But the truth is that after The Movies, they were just way too low-key to hold my interest.

Earlimart -This was a really pleasant surprise. They took forever to set up compared to the other bands, but they had a really great full sound and their line-up and instrument switching reminded me of Belle and Sebastian. But their sound is much different.

The Little Ones – I guess this was some sort of hot shit special guest, but it was just way way way too poppy for me. One of the guys from Run Run Run said that the special guests were supposed to be the Silversun Pickups playing under another name, but I’ve never heard them either other than their cover of “Creation Lake.” Anyway, these guys were the special guests but not my kind of band. Lots of energy though and a ton of people showed up for them.

Wiskey Biscuit – Lindsey’s friends showed up, and one of them used to date the guy in this band who plays the triangle and the shakers and stuff. This band was really great – sort of like if the Rolling Stones’ “Some Girls” album was somehow made into its own band. Listen to “Jaybird” on their page.

400 Blows – Umm.. uhh.. holy crap. This was an unexpected dose of hardcore. I guess I should have expected it since the drummer used to be in the Circle Jerks, and they put the drum set really close to the front of the stage. This was awesome, but it was definitely cause for most of my eardrum bleeding this morning.

The Blood Arm – To tell you the truth, my brain was so rattled at this point I don’t remember much about this band. They were entertaining, and I liked their sound. And their singer looked wasted. “Suspicious Character” on their page is pretty good, and that was the most memorable of their set.

Run Run Run – Lindsey knew the lead singer of this band and he was nice. They also took a long to set up, mainly because they had their lights and operator. I was thinking “who do these guys think they are with their own lights?” but it was actually really cool because the light operator played the lightboard like an instrument. They did a cover of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” that worked surprisingly well.

After that, I was beat and didn’t really feel like staying for the last band, so we split.

Yay for music, and yay for Los Angeles bands!

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