Wonders: Jeff London and the Deep Clean EP

January 11, 2008 at 2:59 pm 1 comment

I own a couple Jeff London records, “Harm’s Way” and “The Deep Clean EP.”

I first heard of Jeff London because he was my sociology teacher at Portland State University. I listened to some of his stuff and really liked the lyrics, and the very mellow folky music.

Back in the day, you could download an early EP called “The Deep Clean” of his stuff on the Hush Records website, and you donated however much you thought it was worth. I paid for the download because I enjoyed it so much. Later, I bought a “legit” burned copy from Jealous Butcher records that sounded much better.

London’s usual barebones feel is complemented by horns and other lush production, and it adds a lot of life to these songs. It starts off with “Bills to Pay” (originally from the album “Slowness” I believe), but it quickly picks up with two really poppy songs: “Magazine Life” and “Bottom Feeders.” These are reminiscent of early Belle and Sebastian records, which I was listening to a lot back then. And now.

Another great song is “Cynical Stance,” which really sums up some of my years dealing with people in Portland. All of the songs are great to sing along to. “Pity this isn’t even Seattle, or anywhere you want to make your art.” This song has the greatest hook.

Jeff used to be based out of Portland (and I think he even recorded some stuff in Eugene) but now he is in New York. I haven’t picked up his latest album yet, and I lost my “Col. Summers’ Park” album somewhere in time. Unfortunately, I can’t find anywhere where you can pick this album up anymore. The web has pretty much zero information on it, but luckily for you if you want to listen to it, let me know. I have a couple copies.

I had thrown this album on my iPhone a while ago, and today is the perfect day to rediscover it and listen to it, on repeat. I also recommend “Harm’s Way.”

“And if you want to leave, leave.”

Jeff London’s Hush Records Page


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regrets iPhone dead?

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  • 1. charley  |  January 11, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    I’ll take a listen. I actually had a class with Jeff too. Cool guy. Very patient with the dipshits who took a class called “Popular Culture” because they thought it would be an easy A.

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