Score to “Man With a Movie Camera”

January 10, 2008 at 10:59 pm

Man With a Movie Camera” is one of my favorite movies. The best release of it (in my opinion) is the KINO release that includes an amazing score by the Alloy Orchestra. KINO does the best releases of silent films, and a few of their amazing releases include the most complete version of “Metropolis” as well as “Man With a Movie Camera” and their short “early film” collections.

Even though the Alloy Orchestra release a lot of their scores, I’ve never been able to find the complete “Man With a Movie Camera” score on CD.

So I’m taking things into my own hands. I’ve ripped the DVD, and extracted the audio, and I’m now in the process of cutting it into tracks. I’m listening to the entire thing right now, and I can almost picture every scene that goes with it.

This is a fun project. Did you know I used to record and edit audio in college? It was fun, but video got a hold of me like mad. More on that later.

Dziga Vertov and Fritz Lang forever!


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