yard sale!

January 7, 2008 at 10:49 pm

I don’t have a yard!

Do you know where one is for sale.

Bad puns aside, I am getting rid of some items – would you like them?

My Ibanez bass guitar and practice amp. This is the infamous bass guitar that played such University of Portland hits like… I don’t remember the name of our one original song. It was something like “60 degrees and clear” or something like that. I remember the bass line though.

My nintendo gamez. I can’t bring myself to sell Super Mario World, but the rest goes. Not my wii, though. How do you expect for me to get my exercise? I have a game boy here, too.
All non-music and Criterion dvds. How come DVDs take up so much space! Remember VHS? At least they are lightweight.

I’m actually thinking of… I know, I know, selling some of my CD collection. I have too many.

Many other things. Let me know!

Remember yard sales? They were AWESOME!

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