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January 3, 2008 at 7:23 pm

Today was a day of little fixes.

After a particularly bad morning waking up, I took off on my bike. It started to act weird. My gas line needs adjusting. Not a big deal, ten minute fix. But I bring it back and hop on my scooter and decide to fix it when I get home.

After a particularly bad day at work, I head home. My scooter stops idling and just starts revving up – there is no stopping it. Luckily I know what this is.

I pull over and look down in the engine and see the throttle arm assembly of my carb has popped off, like it did way back during this summer’s Beach Invasion. Basically, the screw rattles loose and the top half pops off, introducing a ton of air in the carb. This makes you go fast.. really fast! Unfortunately, it also makes you run so lean you will seize your piston in no time. I forgot my screwdriver in my tool kit, so I run across the street and get a 99c flathead, screw it down tight and call it good.

Fixed up everything just now at home.

Going out to eat dinner alone and maybe some ice cream.

After that it is to Charley and Isabelle’s place, because someone turned older today! Which reminds me of this:


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