This was my lunch today

November 13, 2007 at 8:41 pm

It was 83 degrees out, and the sun was too hot to wear a jacket on my motorcycle.

It was a perfect day out.

Unfortunately, I made a dipshit move when I got home. I was repairing my chain, and I thought I did something that I didn’t do, and when I drove it down the alley it threw my chain and fucked up a lot of stuff. It locked my back wheel up 20 feet from my garage, and I couldn’t free the chain to push it to where all my tools were. I had to try and fix it enough on the road. The chain is majorly fucked up and who knows what the sprocket looks like. It is in pieces in my garage right now. I’ll be working on this all day Saturday, instead of doing what I was planning on doing.

Good thing I enjoy working on my bikes.

Entry filed under: Aww crap!.

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