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October 31, 2007 at 9:34 pm

It is Halloween, and I’m staying in. I’ve had 3 Halloween this month. So let’s update this blog.

I went to the Laker’s season opener last night. It was really fun. Drank Newcastle in a can? We were in the Forbes VIP box, which had a much better view than last season’s Cars.com box.

On my way home tonight, my Honda’s electrical system took a giant dump, right in the middle of a turn. Totally quit – I’m thinking its ignition. Had to wait an hour to get it towed back to my garage.

I have been completely obsessed with hoarding live GBV stuff lately. Unfortunately, I can’t afford a new computer right now, and my space is at a minimum. So I’ve been deleting albums off my computer like mad, as well as old pictures that I don’t care to ever see again. The GBV guys rule, and there are tons of live soundboard recordings and even 3 DVDs of Robert Pollard performances. All you’ll ever need is right here:

Guided By Voices Database

Disarm the Settlers forum

needmoresongs Bittorrent tracker

What else.. what else. Doing a massive record hunt this weekend: Amoeba, House of Records, etc. Better clear out that bag. Looks like I’ll be taking my Vespa if I can’t get the electrical fixed.

Tomorrow night I’m having Zombiefest 2008 with Lindsey. Return of the Living Dead!

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