Admiral Starship’s Farting Clown Review Round-Up

October 12, 2007 at 12:28 pm

I made that title up.

OK! Hold your breath.. here are some quick reviews from all the things I’ve bought or seen in this last week or so:

1. The Darjeeling Limited

I liked this movie. I disliked The Life Aquatic because it felt like another director making a parody of a Wes Anderson film. This is good, a tiny bit heavy-handed in its visual metaphors at times, but all together a sublime and pretty fun film. I’ll be watching this again in theatres.

2. Bruce Springsteen – Magic

This album feels like an apology to all the Bruce fans who weren’t into his Ghost of Tom Joad-esque Devils and Dust and his stompy folk throwback The Seeger Sessions. This is an E-street album through and through.. and you will hear a lot of saxophone. But is it any good? Yes, but the production bugs me. One my favorite song on the album “Girls in their Summer Clothes” I feel like they muddled Bruce’s voice. And I’m not so into “Radio Nowhere” which is the first single. But its good. But not as good as Devils and Dust.

Oh yeah, and the song “You’ll Be Coming Down” is totally Bruce’s version of the Morrissey song “Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself?” (which he played at the concert. It was amazing)

3. Robert Pollard – Coast to Coast Carpet of Love / Standard Gargoyle Decisions

Double album release, but not a double-album. Get it? “Coast to Coast Carpet of Love” is all power pop, and “Standard Gargoyle Decisions” is straight crazy rock. I could go on all day about these, but I won’t. Because this blog is pretty Pollard heavy to begin with. CtCCoL is good, but I like SGD much better. Nothing on either album is grabbing me like “Normal Happiness” has, but that is by far my favorite Robert Pollard solo release (this is not counting his team-ups like Keene Brothers and Robert Pollard and Doug Gillard). Buy them both, love them both.

4. Morrissey Concert

It will blow your socks off. Can’t wait for his next album.

5. Nightmare on Elm Street 17: Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Probably the worst movie ever? No.. not ever. But it was bad.

6. DVD Player

I don’t know, but just said it was delivered. I bet it plays DVDs real good.

7. Spudnut Donut

Stacy is in town, and we scootered over to “Spudnut Donuts” to try a donut. They are made of potatoes. We only had one helmet available, so we drove backstreets and sidewalks while looking out for Johnny Law. This made the donut much more delicious. Wait, actually, we had two helmets for the donut trip. But the adrenaline was still there from the previous trip. SPUDnuts, get it?

I hope you are better informed now, dear reader/consumer. Get ready for the weekend, it will be a doozy.


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