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October 3, 2007 at 10:36 pm

I think I picked the magic year for vintage bikes. My ’72 Honda is (in my opinion) the best looking Scrambler that year, and my ’74ish Primavera is super versatile (accomodating a newer ET3 engine).

Here are some more vintage bikes that I’d love to add to my garage:

1974 Honda CR125M Elsinore

Image Source

My Dad owned one of the first Honda Elsinores in Manhattan Beach when they were released. They were the hot shit in all the moto mags, and he dropped by a motorcycle shop when they got them in and he picked one up. I would love to pick one of these up and surprise him with it. I search for them on Craigslist everyday. This is Honda’s legendary entry in the 2-stroke market.

1963 Husqvarna Racer

Image Source

I’m about as likely to find one of these as I am to get hit in the head with a solid gold meteorite. However, these are awesome little racers and I love the small tank and the big tires. The pipe is also very cool (probably hot) with it barely reaching the back tire.

1975 Triumph Cub

Image Source

Another cool barebones bike, this one is more dualsport styled. I love the no mirror drag-bar style, like my Honda. The Triumph’s blue tank looks great too. I’d just like to own a Triumph one day, a vintage Bonneville would be great, or even a more modern Thruxton or Scrambler.

Are you still reading? I won’t bore you with anything more.. I just got extra stoked on vintage off-road bikes because I just watched On Any Sunday again tonight.

One final thought though. I think bikes pre-1980 just got it right. Bikes today just don’t appeal to me as much as the lean stylings of older bikes, be it scooter or motorcycle. Cro


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