Definitive Songs: Guided By Voices’ Suitcase Disc 1

August 24, 2007 at 12:18 pm

Image Credit: GBVDB

I’m going through both suitcases (4 disc Guided By Voices boxsets with 25 songs on each CD) to pick out the best GBV songs on there.. because I usually just listen to them on shuffle and skip around. This will take a while.

Here is disc one’s best songs:

The Kissing Life – Super quiet song starts out with just guitar, but comes in with a strange keyboard/guitar harmonic.

Tear it OutAnother quiet one, most likely recorded on Bob’s tape deck. This song is over 4 minutes long, a GBV rarity. “I challenge you to drink the milk you spilled.” Reminds me of Don’t Stop Now for some reason.. maybe the emphasis of “free of us” in the lyrics.

Dorothy’s a Planet“No more moon missions, it’s time for Dorothy’s a Planet

Let’s Go VikeThe instrumental intro reminds me of the Velvet Underground for some reason, has the same feeling of “Run Run Run” until it picks up later in the song.

Pink Drink (demo) – From the generally awesome “Power of Suck” demos.

James Riot – Solid rocke, super full sound, and surprisingly a “Do the Collapse” demo!

Spring Tigers Outtake from cancelled “Back to Saturn X” record. Most surprisingly “produced” sounding song on the disc (and I use the term “produced” lightly)

Born on Seaweed – I love the lyrics on this. It is just Bob and a guitar. Ends abruptly and at the perfect time.

Flesh Ears from June – Pollard’s vocals are upfront on this song. Classic demo sound – fuck… can this man make a bad song? (no)

Have It Again – Perfect minute long song from Pollard. “What would you give to be 19 or 20 again?”

Taco, Buffalo, Birddog and Jesus This could be an early REM song. From an aborted LP “Learning to Hunt”.

Thanks to GBVDB again and again. My most visited website.


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