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July 11, 2007 at 11:01 am

Last night, after a good talk with Nate, it was time for bed! Who knew that my sleep would be filled with weird WEDDING DREAMZ?!


I was back in Mexico for another wedding, but I was staying in a weird hotel instead of a resort. But it still seemed pretty nice. Anyway – apparently I overslept because Jaxon woke me up and told me we were supposed to play a round of golf with Eka before the wedding. Whoops! So I got up and grabbed my wedding clothes and rushed out the door.

Well, I shouldn’t have rushed, because in the weird open air taxi we took to the golf course I discovered I accidentally grabbed some hideous pin-striped pants and a wrinkly shirt and tie! Why did I even bring those to Mexico? I figured if I played nine holes real quick I could steal a motorcycle and rush back to the hotel to change before the wedding.

I don’t remember what happened after that. I haven’t played golf in 10 years.


Today on the way to work I started to think of man things. This stems out of a conversation I had about my deodorant. There are certain things that the archetypal male does, and a lot of these things I don’t do. And mainly that is barbecuing.
I can’t barbecue. I really don’t know how. I don’t know what temperature to cook meat at. In fact, I don’t cook meat. I leave that to the professionals. I’ve never owned a grill. The only time I have cooked on a barbecue, it has been a sausage. And that’s easy. But a steak? I don’t even know how to cut that stuff up, let alone how long to cook it so it tastes good.

I also don’t mess with plumbing.

Finally, I will say that this has been a most busy summer already! Next weekend I’m traveling to Oregon to celebrate an awesome wedding, then the weekend after that I am prepping my bike(s?) for the end of July’s Westside Scooter Club’s BEACH INVASION 2007! That will be an awesome weekend of nonstop scootering, beaching, barbecuing (uh oh!) and so on!

Don’t even get me started on next month. Or the rest of the year!

SPOILER ALERT – At the end of the final Harry Potter book, Harry becomes disenchanted with the wizard life and gets a job at Home Depot where he uses his levitation spell to load 2×4’s into the back of people’s Toyota Tundras.


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