First ride on the Primavera

June 14, 2007 at 9:46 am 3 comments

The good news is.. I MADE IT! I’m at work typing this now!

The bad news is… I’m at work, typing this now!

Wow.. what a crazy / fun ride. I woke up pretty early and did a little bit of throttle work on the bike just to make sure it doesn’t stick when I’m doing 50. I kicked it over, let it idle a while, ran it around and I felt confident that it wouldn’t stick on me.

Also, the front cowl had a serious rattle on it from a missing bolt. All I needed to get was something in between the metal until I could get a proper bolt this weekend. Perfecto! I grabbed this rubber disc that Jim pulled out of a rubber frog this weekend and slipped it between the metal pieces. It fit perfect and the rattle is completely gone. Thanks, Jim!

I decided to take a slower route up the coast, so I took some side streets to get onto Culver, just to be sure. It felt good and the clutch was engaging just fine. So I decided to just get back on Centinela and go for it. I opened it up and got it up to fourth gear, and it ran great. I looked down and grease and lube were all over my right hand from the lube job I did on it that morning. Good thing I brought rags.

Once I got on Culver I opened it up again toward the beach. Let me say here that it is really weird not having any mirrors at all. One mirror is fine for me, and mirrors aren’t needed to change lanes, but I always like to see who is behind me. I’ll install a single mirror on it later.

On Culver is also where I had my first WTF moment. I look down and it says I’m going 80! That’s the first time I realize that this is a genuine Euro import and the speedo is in KPH. 80 KPH is about 50 MPH, so it has a good top speed “out of the box.”

I also had my first “oh shit” moment, as I am going 50 down Culver I hear a big CLANG CLANG CLANG and I realize the engine door that the guy warned me about falling off has indeed done just that. I slam on the brakes (they work great) and hope that no one runs it over. I run back and grab the door, throw it in my bag, and take off. I’ll have to fix that hinge tonight with some BENDING POWER!

Anyway – I made it to work alright and feel pretty rad right now! Sure, I’ve got some grease splattered on my jacket and my right hand needs some LAVA soap, but it was awesome!


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quick pictures before bed Lethal Weapon fun!


  • 1. Jim  |  June 14, 2007 at 12:54 pm

    Who would’ve thought that frog’s rubber throat ball thing would prove so useful? I mean, it’s good for squishing between your fingers, throwing at ceilings, scooter repair, algebra, LEGS, etc.

    Good job on the new, old scooter. It looks awesome!

  • 2. Robert  |  June 14, 2007 at 2:01 pm

    I need to stock up on rubber animals so I can have replacements. Chickens, donkeys, monkeys, hippos. An animal for every problem!

  • 3. whitney  |  June 17, 2007 at 1:51 pm

    MY TURN MY TURN!!!! Now now now now now!

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