Waiting for Leopard?

June 12, 2007 at 9:01 am

It is great that OS X Leopard is only $129 dollars – for all the “versions” (only 1). However, most of the time for the casual user 129 bucks is a lot of spend for some minor tweaks and upgrades. Here are the best ways to get Leopard for less than retail:

1. Find a Student

Students automatically get a pretty nice discount on Apple stuff, and some Universities like my Alma Mater have a deal with Apple that allows them to sell OEM versions of the operating system for as low as 15 bucks!! Check around with friends at different colleges to see how cheap they can get software.

2. Buy a new computer

Silly, right? Save money by buying a new computer? Not really. If you the last time you bought a Mac was when Tiger was released, you are probably getting ready for an upgrade (like me). Waiting until October when Tiger is released is a great way to get the OS included, as well as scoop up any deals that Apple might have when we head into the holiday season.

3. Just wait.

It will probably be hard to wait, seeing all those “screenwriters” on their MacBooks at Pete’s Coffee with their shiny new OS – and you have to come home to dull old Tiger. But if you can hold out until after the holiday season and start perusing Craigslist, you will be sure to find copies going for less than a benji. Just be sure to check over the disc and make sure you aren’t being scammed.

That being said – I’m very excited for Leopard! I love the Safari 3 beta, and I’m betting money the iLife suite will get an upgrade around the release in October. In the meantime – check out sites like Lifehacker to show you how to squeeze some Leopard-like functionality out of Tiger.


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