Wonders: Guided By Voices’ “King Shit and the Golden Boys”

June 8, 2007 at 2:57 pm 1 comment

 Look.. I didn’t talk about Robert Pollard for two days. Now I can!

I thought I would talk about one of my favorite things – the Guided By Voices album King Shit and the Golden Boys. Apart from having one of the best album titles ever – this is also one of my favorite Guided By Voices albums! Super out-of-print unless you get it in the reprinted Guided by Voices CD boxset Box, which I suggest you do!

King Shit and the Golden Boys (a lyric from one of the album’s highlight songs “Don’t Stop Now) is chock full of future GBV live show gems. Many concerts had such sing-a-longs such as the previously mentioned “Don’t Stop Now,” “Postal Blowfish,” and “We’ve Got Airplanes.” You can also find a later version of “Don’t Stop Now” on Under the Bushes, Under the Stars, although it is missing the charm of the super guitar-string TWANG-BUZZ, TWANG-BUZZ.

You also get some songs that later evolved into their Bee Thousand, such as “Second Moves to Twin” which evolved into “A Big Fan of the Pigpen” and “At Odds with Dr. Genesis” which serves as the intro to one of the most beautiful Bee Thousand songs, “Ester’s Day.”

The opener “We’ve Got Airplanes” continues with GBV’s fixation with flying machines. They are from Dayton, of course. I should make an all “aeronautical” GBV mixtape!

I love King Shit and the Golden Boys, and the fact that you get four other early albums with it in the box set makes it even better, even though I think this is the strongest of their early albums. It was lo-fi before lo-fi even existed.


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  • 1. Meite U  |  July 4, 2007 at 2:54 pm

    I’m downloading the album right now. I once had the box but threw it away in a semi-psychotic episode.
    Before, I had the album (or part of it) on a tape I got from a friend and I listened to it on my walkman. It made me very happy. I loved the music. It was unique. I especially liked ‘Scissors’. I was building up a friendship with a girl and didn’t know if we were heading for romance, and pondering over this matter, I’d like to sing: ‘But it’s not a good thing / It’s not a bad thing’..

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