Search Term Awesomeness: Drunk GBV

June 4, 2007 at 11:20 am

Yesterday someone found my blog by searching for “Drunkest Guided By Voices Show.”

What an excellent search! But nay, an impossible search at that!

That is like trying to remember what the biggest breath you’ve ever breathed was. That is like searching for Rambo’s most awesome kill. Basically, I don’t think it can be quantified or captured or even remembered. Every Guided By Voices show was drunk. The most awesome drunk shows of all time! (Even though I never made it to one. That is a whole other sad, sad post)

But Robert – Guided By Voices had there last show years ago, and Robert Pollard isn’t touring for a little while. How can I experience the drunkeness?!


The best drunk live show on DVD is the final Guided By Voices show that took place in Chicago on New Years Eve 2004. It is an AMAZING show, 63 songs! And Guided By Voices has their own bar ONSTAGE. I watched this entire 4 hour show sober, and by the end I felt drunk. Robert Pollard slurs his way through the last hour of the show, but of course sings all the lyrics to some of the most obscure titles from their catalog. This is definitely a DVD for hardcore GBV fans. This is probably the drunkest Guided By Voices show on DVD. I mean, the drunkest show of any band ever. Here ’tis.

As far as audio recordings – there is a newly released Austin City Limits CD/DVD of Guided By Voices on the same farewell tour. This isn’t as long as the Electrifying Conclusion DVD mentioned above, but you still get the Pollard awesomeness. By the second disk, you get classic Pollard intros like “Alright kids, this is a song from BEE THOUSAND… and it’s called.. Buzzards.. and DREADFULCROWS! TWOTHREEFOUR!” Awesome. Get it from Bob’s Luna page here. You can also get Pollard’s stage banter albums “Relaxation of the Asshole” and “Asshole 2: Meet the King” on (UPDATE: Just took own advice, ordered “Meet the King on vinyl)

Finally, one of the best Guided By Voices “bootlegs” (compilation, rather) can be downloaded for free from one of my favorite websites, Guided By Voices Database. It is the Bug House comp and it is excellent. There are demo versions, live song versions, and great quips from Bob and company – some on just their drinking. Download it on this page.

So if anyone searches for “Drunkest Guided By Voices show” again, maybe they’ll get some great ideas. Or maybe they will knew more shows and let me know in the comments.


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