"only in L.A.!"

April 14, 2007 at 4:54 pm

Look, I hate the phrase “only in L.A.!” when it’s used to describe something weird, or decadent, or silly. Because I’m sure all of those things happen elsewhere. It is like the phrase “welcome to HOLLYWEIRD!”

But.. there are a few things you can only really do in L.A.. And I experienced two lately:

1. Looking up the waitress you have a crush on at Swingers on IMDB.com.

2. Going to a production of “A Comedy of Errors” and recognizing the LEAD ACTRESS FROM FREAKING DESERT WARRIOR!!

Yes. Desert Warrior. That movie I’ve shown you that stars Lou Ferrigno, the movie that is at the top of my “best of the worst” list. The movie that defines “so bad it’s good.”

I’m in the “pub” at the little theatre, and this tall blonde lady walks in. “Is that.. who is that?” I’m thinking in my head. And I’m shit at recognizing faces and people. I’m looking at her.. and KAPOW. Freakin’ Desert Warrior pops into my head. So I’m thinking.. “Could that really be her? Is my luck that great?”

So a little investagatory phone calling to Jaxon at home, and a little searching on the playbill confirms that yes, indeed, it is the lead girl from DESERT WARRIOR!

I didn’t go up and talk to her, because she seemed very busy, and also I guess she was a playmate quite a few years back and did a bunch of softcore porno movies. And I wonder if she would actually believe that out of all those things, the only thing I know she did was DESERT WARRIOR! But I have a connection now.. she is the director’s wife or something, and the actor I know in the play is my connection. Her name is Sherry.

ONLY IN LOS ANGELES! (cut to bucktoothed hillbilly gawking at scantily clad woman walking down Sunset Blvd., wearing high heels)


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