The romance of a drink!

April 4, 2007 at 4:13 am

Hi everyone. Robert here.

If you are going to buy an iPod, don’t do it in the next month! Why? Because I just bought one, which means they will release a super duper wicked awesome version that holds twice is much and will cost half as much, and it will happen in like 2 weeks. Oh well! I can watch movies on it. Amazing. Seriously. Amazing. I put “Rushmore” and “Man with a Movie Camera” on there, along with all 7 episodes of “Long Way Round.” I also put all my music on it. Well, all the music that is on my computer, which is about 430 albums. I guess I’m still amazed. I have 600 CDs and about 100 records sitting right behind me in boxes and in stacks, and I have a tiny little electronic device that is holding over 400 of them.

I bet these things will catch on!

What else? Bought a plane ticket to Mexico. I guess if you are going to spend some money, might as well spend all of it. Ugh. I’d rather use this money to pay off some stuff, but Isabelle put it in perspective: I’m buying a week vacation and only one day at the wedding.


Travel = good.

Had hummus today after work. Delicious. Zombie talk, tattoo talk, etc.

Tax time.

UPDATE: Holy poops! I was a little disappointed that I was getting slightly less taxes back this year than I expected, then I logged onto TurboTax and I totally forgot to do State taxes!! YES! So I got more back than I expected! Hooray for forgetting about state taxes, everyone!

DRINKS ON ME! (Tonight only)


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