March 27, 2007 at 3:48 pm

This just in: spending money is going out of style.. so spend it while it is still cool to do so! Hopefully, saving money will be the next new awesome thing.

I watched “Motorcycle Diaries” last night, but was disappointed when the bike broke down 45 minutes into the movie. But the entire movie was pretty good, although it sure did paint a rosy picture of Che, didn’t it. What a nice guy!

Sometimes a pony… sometimes a pony… sometimes a pony gets DEPRESSED! (This is my new favorite song by the Silver Jews)

Speaking of Jews, well… I got nothing. I was cleaning my kitchen last night, when I realized I have a collection of not one, not TWO, but THREE drink cozys! I thought about hanging myself right then and there.

I think about all the things I’ve lost through lending out and people never returning. Books, DVDs, games, clothes. I wonder what all this stuff would look like in a room. Would I be surprised at some of the items? “OH MAN! I forgot about this thing!” Or will it just be depressing (like a pony)?

I put my Vespa in my garage last night, because the weather called for rain. You stupid foolish weathermen, it is basically the sunniest out right now. Thanks for the hasslez!


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