Minerals and ice deposits

March 23, 2007 at 4:56 pm

Look.. can I be honest with you? I loffffve my Vespa. But I’m jealous of European Vespas because they have a little bit of a sleeker look.

When Italian Vespas are imported to American, they add external turn signals just below the handle bars, and they add reflectors to the front cowl and rear.

Removing these gives your Vespa a much sleeker look! So I plan to remove all the reflectors, and plug them with black painted plugs. Also, there is a kit where you can remove the turn signals and mvoe them into the integrated driving lights on the front of the Vespa. Sleeeeeeek!

This is the Italian black and tan LX150. Nicer lines.. this is how mine will look soon!

Then, I’ll be adding a chrome back and front rack. Oh mama, my Vespa is so excited for the Summer. My Vespa goes away tomorrow to get a new tire and brakes, plus checkup. Then I’ll be ordering my wonder items and get to work! Pictures in a few weeks when I get everything done.

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