Shaving (and lack of)

March 16, 2007 at 5:37 am 2 comments

I’m changin’ my shavin’! I took the plunge today, and ordered a bunch of old school shaving stuff from

First off.. the Merkur Hefty Classic!

This has been made for over 100 years! This is supposed to be the classic safety razor, so I figure why not start here.. see if I like it. I also picked up 10 extra blades for 5 bucks. This is insanely cheap compared to Mach 3 cartridges.

Next, I picked up some crazy old school Italian shaving cream!

Yeeeeaaah. Look at that guy enjoying his nice clean shave. He loves it! That will be me!

All I need to finish is pick up a badger brush. but I thought I’d do that locally so I can feel the bristles and make sure they aren’t too tough. Sure, it’s a more expensive upfront investment to get into the game, but if it is a smoother, easier shave that yields better results, then no price is too high! I’ll let you know how it goes. All images taken from I completely recommend them.. their online ordering was easy, and I even got one of them on the phone and they were super helpful!

Patti Smith… what an animal! I’ve been watching her performances on YouTube. Yowza!

I don’t own Radio Ethiopia, and I’ve been trying to find it locally. I hate the wait of ordering CDs online.. and I don’t dig buying through iTunes. I guess that’s the fun of the hunt!

I’m also making copies of my Patti Smith for my best CD swappin’ friend. I will be sure to put Springsteen’s live version of “Because the Night” on the copy of Easter as a bonus track. Oh no.. did I just spoil tomorrow’s post?

I also still think “Because the Night” would be the most awesome karaoke song of all time!


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R.E.M.’s new album Because the Night


  • 1. Merlin  |  March 16, 2007 at 9:45 am

    I just ordered a Merkur HD as well – I just received mine the other day. All I can say is don’t apply pressure when shaving. I read that on all the sites and instructions relating to shaving. I did my first shave with it yesterday morning and it went very well. Seems like we are thinking a like. But I but the Prorasso at Target stores. They have a brush but it is the stiff from what I can tell – But I like that. Good luck and enjoy all the savings after the initial purchase.

    I do have a few videos on my blog – that show how to perform the initial shave.

  • 2. Robert  |  March 16, 2007 at 3:31 pm

    Rad! I’ve heard about the no pressure thing as well. That is what I’m most excited for – rather than the hack job I’ve been doing with the Mach3 for years, I want that smooth easy gliding shave.


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