Ban Circuit City!

March 2, 2007 at 8:01 pm


I don’t have the patience to type out this whole story – so long story short – I go to the Culver City Circuit City (The CCCC) to pick up the Powershot SD30 I called all over Southern California to find. The guy I talked to at CCCC said he put the LAST ONE on hold for me. Well.. that fucker lied. Because it was no where to be seen. I was mad. I talked to the manager and she was like “whoopsy daisy!” I was there about an hour, and no camera!


So instead of going to the Palos Verdes CC, I say “screw Circuit City!” and I ordered one on Amazon with expedited shipping! It was a little more, but hey, at least I’m not paying moneys to Circuit City, the garbage retailer of doom and incompetence.


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