on the first bus out of town

February 28, 2007 at 1:49 am

I know it’s not technically summer, or even spring yet.. but it’s so cold! I wanted to go on Manhattan Beach Memory Adventure this weekend, but not if the wind is blowing me upside down! Ooops.. nevermind.. I just check the weather and it is back to the 70’s this weekend.

Tomorrow I get a new digital camera (if I find one I like). I also pay off the rest of my credit card! (Does dance) .

Back to the Manhattan Beach Memory Adventure.. my Mom and Dad grew up in Manhattan beach, which is just south of here. It is very nice there, and I used to visit my grandparents there all the time. I loved it, and I always wanted to live there on the beach instead of in the forest. Now that I am older and wiser (ha) I can appreciate both. But I wanted to go take some pictures of my parent’s old houses and schools, etc. I don’t know if they’ll ever visit me while I live in Los Angeles, so I figure some great pictures would be nice.

Hmmm.. what else? I listened to SO MUCH PAVEMENT today at work. I also ate at Sharkeys (in Manhattan Beach) for lunch.. delicious fish tacos! I want 700 more! I seriously can’t wait for summer and more beach. Swimming! (Two weekends ago doesn’t count.)

Anything else? Hmm.. anything else? Nope!


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