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January 31, 2007 at 6:05 am 4 comments

I got one of those “surveys” in my email. And I always delete them. Because… really.. I mean.. come on. But this one, I filled out. Because it was sort of interesting and fun. Basically, you go to your iTunes and put it on random and press “Play,” and then fill out each slot on the survey. This is pretty silly for the obvious reasons, but also for the reason that a lot of my music is on record or not on my computer! Anyway, for the sake of boredom, here it is. Oh yeah, by the way, this is supposed to be the “soundtrack to the movie of your life.” I’m pretty sure if I did have a soundtrack to my life, it would be a movie that is exactly as long as Turbonegro’s “Get it On.”

Opening Credits: Bruce Springsteen – The E Street Shuffle
– Um… awesome? I guess this started out pretty rad.

Waking Up: Morrissey – I Know It’s Going to Happen Someday (Live)
– Oh! So symbolic! The truth is, I would never wake up to this Morrissey song!

First Day of School: REM – Star 69
– Ok! I can agree with this. This was one of my favorite songs in high school. However, in grade school, I think I was more into the Mamas and Papas than R.E.M.

Falling in Love: Devendra Banart – How’s About a Tellin’ a Story
– Hmm… a lot of symbolism in the title of the song, but the actual song doesn’t really tell much about my stories of “love.” I love girls with scars on their faces.

Getting it on: Tahiti 80 – I.S.A.A.C.
– Do you want to know the truth? It was a Madonna song, readers.

Fight Song: Bruce Springsteen – The Wish
– Wow, too bad random chose a weird Bruce Springsteen b-side of his “Tracks” boxset for the “fight song.” However, I’ve never really been in a real fight, so maybe this sort of fits. I don’t wish to be in one, though.

Breaking Up: My Bloody Valentine – Map Ref. 41ºn 93ºw
– Awesome! A great cover of one of my favorite Wire songs! However, this is a shitty break up song.

Prom: Joy Division – Novelty
– It’s funny how you can shoehorn meaning into a random event such as Joy Division’s “Novelty” being chosen for your Prom song for the fake soundtrack of your life. I love Joy Division, though.

Life: REM – All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be a Star)
– Oh sweet irony, please stop laughing in my face!

Mental Breakdown: Gorillaz – Don’t Get Lost in Heaven
– I had a sort of breakdown around the time this song came out. Actually, it was about a year later, and I didn’t listen to this song at all during it. BUZZER SOUND!

Driving: Prince – The Beautiful One
– I’m going to call this one a total abortion. I love Prince and all, but I can think about 2 or 3 times in my life where I’ve listened to Prince while driving. And they all sort of sucked.

Flashback: Django Reinhardt – Ultrafox
– A flashback to when? 1943? Bad choice, artistic director. Unless the story of my life has a scene where my great great Grandpa is farming some wheat and happens upon a gypsy guitarist.

Wedding: Robyn Hitchcock – Birds in Perspex
– If I ever do get married, I would like some Robyn Hitchcock there. So I can see this.

Birth of Child: Tom Brosseau – Ballad of a Wandering Farmhand
– Unless I adopt a child who wants to be a wandering farmhand, I think they missed the boat on this one.

Final Battle: Ivy – I Get the Message
– Uhhh.. why does “Final Battle” come right after “Birth of Child?” Will I be looking forward to a Final Battle sometime in my life? Oh man, I hope not! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Death Scene: ESP – The Buzzcocks
– Bad choice! “Hey! He’s dying! Put on one of the premiere pop-punk bands of the 70’s! (FIRED) Funny, while I’m writing this, Southern Culture on the Skids “Corn Liquor” came on, which is probably a more fitting death scene song.

Funeral Song: The Who – Going Mobile
– This is sort of rad, actually. I’m dead, and they are spreading my ashes, and they are playing “Going Mobile” by the Who? I’d show up to that funeral!

Closing Credits: Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – (Do You Wanna) Come Walk With Me?
– Ehh.. at least people are walking out at this point in the movie. And I’m lighting cigars with 100 dollar bills in the back of the theatre, laughing hysterically!

What a crummy movie! I want my money back! Ironically, a White Stripes song came on during this blog post (Sister Do You Know My Name?) which I’ve always pictured as part of my life in some sort of narrative. Wacky and weird, dear readers! The truth is, I would never pick any of these songs for the movie to the soundtack of my life. There isn’t enough REM, Smiths, The Damned, Guided By Voices, Belle and Sebastian, or The Cure on the list. So much for surveys.

I’d love to see others people’s results to this. Dear reader? Do you dare?!

Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet fires in the street.


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  • 1. naterageous  |  January 31, 2007 at 10:35 pm

    Opening Credits: Elliott Smith-Say Yes
    Wow! Starting off better than I thought it would.

    Waking Up: REM-Strange Currencies
    This is more of a nighttime song, but this is awesome. 2 for 2 on rad songs! A love theme so far.

    First Day of School: The Dandy Warhols-A Loan Tonight
    Hmm. 2 for 3. This is in fact the last song I’d pick from the Dandy Warhols catalogue. A 12 minute new wave jam for “first day of school”?

    Falling in Love: Elliott Smith-Everything Means Nothing To Me (demo)
    First of all, I think this is just a shitty recording rather than a demo. What a shitty song to symbolize love.

    Getting it on: The Snuggle Ups-Ferris Wheel
    Awesome! Sulty and kind of weird.

    Fight Song: Elliott Smith-Bye (demo)
    It’s one of those fight scenes with a pretty piano instrumental. I’m an arthouse film!

    Breaking Up: Altamara (Ben O’s band)-AudioTrack 2
    It sounds kind of break upy I guess. I forgot I had these songs. I wonder what the name of this song is. He says “Walking Away” a lot.

    Prom: Harvey Danger-War Buddies
    Hmmm. Ok. Probably a poor choice. This is off of their latest album, Little By Little which you can download for free at I suggest you buy it though. It comes with a bonus disc and it’s cheap and rad.

    Life: Apples In Stereo-I Want (live in Toronto)
    Ya! This song rules!

    Mental Breakdown: The Dandy Warhols- It’s A Fast Driving Rave-Up With The Dandy Warhols Sixteen Minutes (live in Paris)
    Apparently my mental breakdown and first day of school take up 30 minutes of the movie.

    Driving: The Dandy Warhols-Grunge Betty (live in Seattle)
    I guess if it was a frantic scene this would work.

    Flashback: Rivers Cuomo-Longtime Sunshine
    This would be a great flashback song for someone else.

    Wedding: Jesus and Mary Chain-Commercial (Cracking Up b-side version)
    My wedding is set to a dirty rocker about fast food. Ok.

    Birth of Child: Pixies-Nimrod’s Son
    Are you fucking kidding me? How did that happen?! Gross. I’m making a mental note to have more control over the music for my actual biopic.

    Final Battle: The DAndy Warhols-Smoke It (live at The Cats Cradle, I don’t know where that is)
    It’s a lighthearted battle.

    Death Scene: Elliott Smith-Cupid’s Trick (demo)
    Here we go. 3 for 87.

    Funeral Song: Elliott Smith-When I paint My Masterpiece (live cover)
    How poignant! 4 for 324.

    Closing Credits: The Dandy Warhols-Godless (live in Chicago)
    That’s how to sum up my life? Jeez. Dig! used Godless (the single edit, I believe) in it’s closing credits.

    Based on the soundtrack, this movie is a train wreck. It’s perfect!

  • 2. Robert  |  February 1, 2007 at 6:53 am

    The Birth of a Child / Pixies song is so goddamn rad! That’s hilarious!

    It’s funny, you got a lot of Dandys on your list. I have a TON of GBV on my itunes, and it didn’t come up once. INTERESTING!

    I really like your soundtrack, Nate.

  • 3. Anonymous  |  February 1, 2007 at 10:40 am

    Opening Credits:
    Ghosty – “1900 Watts of Love is Not Enough”
    I got this CD when they played in Eugene at the Downtown Lounge (Nov. 2006)

    Waking Up:
    Home – “Memories”
    A band I learned about through Grandaddy

    First Day at School:
    Beck – “Pressure Zone”
    Off of my favorite Beck album, Midnite Vultures

    Falling in Love:
    Beach Boys – “We’re Together Again”
    Yes, Robert, I’m as shocked as you are!!!

    Fight Song:
    Oasis – “Fuckin’ in the Bushes”
    Okay, what the hell is going on?!? This is from one of the major fight scenes in Snatch!

    Breaking Up:
    Beastie Boys – “Pow”
    From Check Your Head.

    Daft Punk – “Digital Love”
    Yeah, let’s dance baby!

    Blur – “Jets”
    From Think Tank. I like this album, makes me think of when I lived with Steven on Madison Street in Eugene.

    Mental Breakdown:
    Kaiser Chiefs – “I Predict a Riot”
    I can see this one.

    Grandaddy – “Valley Son (Sparing)”
    Not the best driving song, but it’s Grandaddy, dare I say my all-time favorite band!?

    Blur – “Far Out”
    Hmmm… not really working for me.

    Getting Back Together:
    Spacehog – “The Last Dictator”
    I like this song. Takes me back to junior year in high school.

    The Specials – “Ghost Town”
    Wow, this isn’t working out too well. You won’t here this song at my wedding, sorry.

    Birth Of Child:
    Grandaddy – “Fly”
    Early stuff from them, off of a tour-only CD I got off of Ebay.

    Final battle:
    Jackpot – “Upside Down”
    Another band I really, really like from Sacramento!

    Death Scene:
    Spoon – “Merchants of Soul”
    I’m glad I found Spoon. I heard Britt Daniel (lead singer) lives in Portland.

    The Kids of Widney High – “Primary Reinforcement”
    Holy shit, I about fell out the chair when I heard this. A retard choir singing funny songs.

    Ending Credits:
    Silverchair – “Ramble”
    Yes, I still like Silverchair. This is a b-side from their last album. Their new one comes out this March!

    That’s it, no altering whatsoever.


  • 4. Robert  |  February 1, 2007 at 4:24 pm

    It is amazing and awesome that the Kids of Widney High made it on your soundtrack. If I was at a funeral and they came on, I don’t think I’d be able to handle it.

    Nice Beach Boys selection.. randomizer!

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