January 23, 2007 at 5:45 am

I can’t stop listening to New Zealand band Garageland! They make such kick ass songs, it’s a crime they didn’t become more popular in the States and elsewhere past their first album (which you can get for pennies, and I highly suggest you do).

Here is their MySpace page, where you can listen to a few of their songs. If you ask me, I’ll make you a copy of their CD and send it to you, seriously. I love them so much, and if there was a God they would still be together and touring, and come to L.A. so I can scream “play Graduation from Frustration!” and they would and we would have beers afterward and I would say “man.. Bus Stops is like, one of the greatest unrequited love songs in the world.. at least to me” and we’d all have a good laugh at how pathetic that sounds. Nude Star is one of my favorite songs of the decade. And I listen to lots o’ music, folks!



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