did you see what god just did, man?

January 18, 2007 at 6:11 am

I’ve been packing all night. That’s what we do, as humans. We buy stuff, put it away, find a new place to put our stuff, pack up the stuff, move it, then unpack it so it’s ready to be packed up and moved when we find the next place to move.

Man.. maybe I’m sick and tired of moving. I’m almost 27. I’ve moved an estimated 20 times. This is pretty conservative. That’s about 2 times a year since I was 18. That’s crazy bullshit! I don’t have that much stuff anymore, which is how I liked it in Portland. In fact, most of my boxes are cds, records, books and movies. And I cut down a lot on books when I moved from Eugene. I guess I’ll cut down some more, because those fellows are heavy.

Pictures and frames.. those are a pain. Wrap ’em up! Make sure they don’t break! They are so flat, but we gotta frame stuff so it is now delicate and a pain to pack. FRAME IT!

I keep boxes for everything, however. This makes things nice. I have the box for my computer monitor. I have the box for my Zippo. I have the box for my goddamn vinyl Drinky Crow. Everything goes back in its box, and gets moved that way. That’s nice. I like that.

I’m looking at a box that my wallet came in. It has been repurposed to hold credit cards and Vespa key originals. Still a box!

Friday I am hitting up Amoeba in sunny Hollywood to see if I can fill out my Fading Captain 45’s. Slim chance, but that record store kicks ass!

Work meeting tomorrow. A little nervous.


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