Extra Reminder x 3

January 9, 2007 at 3:26 am

(Click on the poster above for bigger version.. or click here for a hi-res version that is suitable for printing and hanging! (wink, wink))

Hey everyone. I’ve probably called you, emailed you, text messaged you, called you, myspaced you, or all of the above. But this is important!

Stephanie is still missing. Public awareness is getting higher and higher – she has been on the news and in newspapers.. but that doesn’t mean that you should be slack! Especially my friends in Eugene, where she has been spotted recently (at the Safeway I used to haunt.. you all know exactly where I’m talking about). Please, please, please keep your eyes out.

It also wouldn’t hurt to visit Isabelle’s blog post about her sister.. she updates it quite often.

Thanks everyone for keeping up their awareness and putting up posters. Efforts like that will be the turning point in this whole thing.

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