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January 8, 2007 at 12:54 am

“Hey Robert! Where do you find out about new music?

Signed, Tuesday Over Indulges Lefthanded Every Tambourine Bear Orange Moose Butt”

Good question TOILETBOMB. The sad truth is, I don’t listen to that much new stuff. I listen to the same crap I’ve been listening to since 1996. Occasionally I do stumble upon a rad new band. Here is how it usually happens.

1. Friend recommendation. This happens rarely. But when it does happen, it is like a beautiful gift that costs the giver nothing and the receiver approximately 11.95, plus tax.

2. NPR – Oh wonderful National Public Radio podcasts! I listen to NPR “Open Mic” and NPR “All Songs Considered.” I’ve found some wonderful songs on there. Sometimes I find crap, but I just leave it where I found it… like I do with real crap.

3. Last.FM – This is a pretty rad program/website. I found a few songs on their recommendations radio and stuff. Mostly I just use the program to obsessively track my music listening behaviors, which mostly consists of that same goddamn Guided By Voices album, 6 times a day.

4. SPIN Magazine – hahahahaha! Just kidding! Seriously. Barf.

5. Mixtapes – This is the best way to find new music. Out of all the ways to find new music.. this type gets the “boner” award.

Thanks for the question, “TOILETBOMB.” Do you have a question for Robert? Just ask me! ASK ME JUNK!


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