yo why you wear your shit so tight?

December 7, 2006 at 6:44 am

I rented Pirates 2 and Wassup Rockers last night. I watched Wassup Rockers tonight. Yay for tonight!!!!

Place of Employment Holiday Party tomorrow night. Oh no oh yes. We get a half day tomorrow to prepare and then a half day on friday to recover. Awesome!

TOO COLD TO BLOG. My feet feel like blocks of ice. As I came up off Lincoln and turned onto Wilshire, it felt warm. As soon as I turned onto 11th, it was like a wave of cold hit me. It was so weird, I felt like I was right down on the beach. Sooooo cold. I guess its all those palm trees, keeping in the sea air. That must be it. I wonder what it is like in Venice, it felt warm there. Only one way to find out!

Good night!


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oh man… raggle baggle

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