Presents: Dream to end all Dreams

November 2, 2006 at 4:35 pm

I had the weirdest dream of all time last night. I was back in Oregon, but me and Stephen Malkmus were friends, and we were driving around everywhere hanging out. We stop by this Boy Scout meeting, and there is some sort of presentation going on. Boy Scouts were walking up the front of the room and getting something tied around their neck, like an award. There was another Boy Scout at a podium singing “Range Life” by Pavement. Except he had changed the lyrics to this:

I want a range life!
Because my mom is a whore!
And your mom is a whore…
Yeah our moms are whores…

Now, in my dream, all I said was “that’s Range Life!!” and that it was incredibly cool that a Boy Scout was singing Pavement at one of their fruity meetings, especially since Range Life now had such provacative lyrics.

Then me and Stephen went to some country barn dance or something. The dance was a blur, except at one point I went outside and realized I was in the deep south. This worried me, but Stephen was still there, so that was ok.

The rest of the night with Stephen was kind of a blur, but we had a lot of fun. I was like “damn.. Stephen Malkmus really knows how to have a good time.” He got drunk, but I’m pretty sure I was the DD. Pretty responsible of me for a dream, no?

Those darn Boy Scouts! Kids say the darndest things….


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