Has the Shoe World Gone Mad?

October 26, 2006 at 11:15 pm

I must ask this!!!!!! I was out shopping for shoes today.. and I couldn’t get ANYTHING in my size! I couldn’t even get a pair of brown checked Vans in 12!! WHAT IS HAPPENING? I’m freaking out, right? And I don’t feel like going to Hollywood. So I remember.. “ahh.. Urban Outfitters has a small shoe department, and they usually stock Onitsuka Tigers!” So I go down there, and find the pair I want, and ask for them in a size 12. I put them on, and they are too big! WHAT?!? Again!? First the Jack Purcells are too big in a 12, now these? Are shoe sizes getting bigger, or are my feet shrinking? I feel like I’m going mad! I get them in 11, and luckily they fit PERFECT.

I get home and complain to Jaxon how shoe sizes have gone insane, and how I can’t get anything in a size that fits me. He asks me “Are you sure you are a 12?” Don’t be a fool, I say! My red shoes are 12’s! I pick them up and show him the tag on the tongue, which says “11.”


11? Since when was I an eleven?!? Oh yeah.. for the last 10 freaking years!!! It is those darn Locals flip-flops that screwed me up! I ordered some size 11 Locals months ago, and had to end up giving them away because they were too small, so I got a size 12 from a happy island hopper. This is where my mind got all screwed up! Then, I order the Jack Purcells in 12, and Alex warms me they run big, and I get them and they did run big, approximately a size too large! “Should have got the 11, even though I wear a 12!” I related (a little joke for Charley).

So anyway.. the whole shoe debacle is over, and now I own some hangover-poo brown Tigers. PHEW!


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