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October 25, 2006 at 4:25 pm

How is everyone doing? Good, good. Me? Oh.. I’m fine! I’ve had this last week “off” and I’ve been doing wonderfully productive things. For instance, I picked up “The Beach Boys Love You” and Joe Jackson’s “Look Sharp” yesterday.. both rule! I also rearranged my room, and I have begun rearranging the apartment to.. you know.. get the bad elements out.

I carved a pumpkin, but let’s face it.. it didn’t turn out that great. I had to carve “GAY SAILOR” in the side just so it was recognizable.

Hmm.. that post right below should be explained. Alexis Marie Clark was a small bird I befriended in the park.. recognizable among all the other birds because of its distinct chirp. I fed the bird crumbs all the time. The name, you ask? I named it Alexis because I’m pretty sure the bird is female, Marie because I saw it near a burrito stand, and Clark for “Clark Kent,” because Superman could fly, much like my little bird friend. Get it? That’s what that post was about.. I miss that little bird. Nothing more.

I’m in a club now.. it’s a club of two, but a STRONG club of two! Its the Roky Erickson club. We collect all of Roky Erickson’s albums and rock to them. So far I’m a horrible failure, but his stuff is hard to find, ok?

Halloween? What’s that?

P.S. Never, ever, ever do a google image search for “kissing muscles.” You get way more than what you bargain for.


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