Rant: Online Shopping!

October 12, 2006 at 2:53 pm

Oh man, online shopping is so convenient.. a.k.a. so excruciating! I recently ordered the shoes above from Zappos.com. These shoes looks great! I originally wanted some other Jack Purcells from “Undefeated,” but they didn’t have my size, and they were probably some Japanese only limited edition designer kind that you have to live underwater for a year to even manufacture.. so they won’t be getting my size in until y3k. So I went with these because they look so great (Thanks to Isabelle for the tip).

But here is the excruciating part.. the wait! Me want NOW! Online ordering is missing the instant satisfaction of buying something, then immediately opening the package (on the way to the car/scooter, of course) and messing around with it. You have to wait, and wait, and wait. “Was that the mail man? I could have sworn I heard something, I better check.” Times 20.

But so convenient! Online, these shoes are 25 dollars cheaper than the stores! But BACK to the excruciating.. I didn’t try them on! I just ordered a size 12, because that is the size I always wear.. but what if I’m wrong? Then I have to ship them back, then wait to get another size! Excruciating!

You are probably thinking I should have tried them on in the store. Well, it was some hoitytoity jeans store and there were a bunch of fake women taking up the clerk’s time, so I just fondled the shoes and left. We’ll see what happens, true believers!


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