Presents: Vivid Dreams!

October 5, 2006 at 3:38 pm

Wow.. I had the craziest, most vivid dream last night. I was at my parent’s place, but the house was completely different. There was some sort of open house party happening, which eventually turned into a sort of coup. People were taking our stuff and messing it up, throwing it around, relocating it. Someone went for my records!! She started violently pushing them through a window, but I convinced her to stop. Some of them fell behind the shelf though.

From this point, all the sudden I am at the bottom of the mountain that my parents live on. People are parking everywhere! My friend shows up, and she says “Hey.. who is that?” I look over and it’s Bruce Springsteen, parking this weird ska-inspired checkered car! “Holy Shit!” I say, and I start running up the mountain to get a record and a sharpee. When I get to the house, exhausted, I start looking for my Born to Run record.. but I can’t find it! All I can find is my Born in the USA record, which is awesome but not the record I would have The Boss sign. I finally just take the Born in the USA album and a black sharpee and start running. BUT.. I change my mind and go back for the metallic silver sharpee. Nice thinking.

Now, you would think running down a mountain would be faster than running up, but it wasn’t. It took a really long time. By the time I got down there, Bruce was gone, but his car was there. I hung out at his car until I woke up.

The funny thing is about this whole ridiculous dream is that even though it was taking place in this weird unreal dreamworld, my record collection knowledge stayed firmly rooted in reality! I couldn’t find that Born to Run for Bruce to sign anywhere.. and I realized when I woke up that I don’t even own Born to Run on vinyl, I just have that super box set version! The time wasted in my dream looking for the quintessential Boss item for him to sign cost me an autograph, and a chance to talk with The Boss. It was a dream, after all, so I could have played basketball with him or even recorded his next record.

Note to self: Next time you dream about a famous musician showing up where you live, you have the permission to go outside the boundries that real life holds you to! You can own every record in the universe in your dream! DON’T MESS IT UP NEXT TIME!


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