Presents: Sayonara Retail?

October 1, 2006 at 5:53 am 2 comments

Tonight was my last night at the record store. I’ll admit.. there is a little bit of sadness. The drunken Sundays. The dance parties. The theme nights. I’ll miss working with my friends and having a lot of fun with them in a place that could have been boring. Fortunately, we all live close to one another, and can still hang out! I’ll also miss the free/cheap records. This job paid shit, but kept me afloat when I didn’t have transportation or even a clue on where to work. Plus, I met the awesome giver of the mixtape. She is awesome.

So.. I guess ths presents my “final’ albums I picked up this week. I’m sure it will continue in the future, but let’s face it.. I won’t be bringing home 10 new CDs a week any more.

Here’s what I actually bought today.. my final day as a Second Spin employee:

1. The Rapture – Pieces of People We Love
Oh… dance punk.. what a shitty genre title. But hey.. at least The Rapture put out a pretty good album here. It really reminds me of listening to Hot Hot Heat all those years ago.

2. Exene Cervenka and the Original Sinners – Sev7en
One of two X purchases. I really like this album. Hmmm… what else to say?

3. X – Wild Gift
It has bonus tracks! And now I’m obligated to be more into X now that I live in Los Angeles. Wait.. I don’t own X’s Los Angeles. Shit…

4. Back To Mine: New Order
This is one of those compilations that is put together by bands. This was put together by.. New Order! It has some pretty awesome songs by Captain Beefheart, Primal Scream, Roxy Music, and some crazy electronic stuff I’ve never heard before.

5. The Dandy Warhols – Dandy’s Rule, OK?
Finally. I listened to this all the time in Portland.. but never owned it. Foolish!

6. Peaches – Impeach my Bush

7. Wire – Pink Flag (DELUXE!)
Yes.. remastered and sounding so great. This is the most expensive CD I bought from Second Spin. I also picked up the remastered “154” earlier, and I still have the remastered “Chairs Missing” on hold.. for when I get paid. Wire is amazing. I won’t stop saying it! I refuse!

8. Devo – Live at the Palace 12/9/88
This is hands down the best live album I’ve ever heard. Holy shit. You have to track this album down. it’s sort of hard to find. I was really excited when it came in.

9. Pavement – Slanted and Enchanted DELUXE
Finally.. I can place it next to my Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain and have a Pavement deluxe explosion. I realized today that the absolute best album to drive around Southern California to is Crooked Rain. There is no better.

And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen. The end of on era. Oh yeah! I will also miss all the regulars I became friends with! There is this older guy named “Bert,” and we always talk about jazz guitar like Django Rheinhardt or the Cheap Suit Serenaders. We exchanged numbers, and we are going to go see this band that does Django covers in some weird little jazz bar. I’m looking forward to that. THEN.. Ella came in and told me to wear a suit and drive my Vespa to this club that let’s Vespa riders in for free. It was a funny night. Bye, bye retail? Let’s hope so.


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  • 1. Anonymous  |  October 2, 2006 at 3:04 am

    So what are you going to do now? All I think about now is moving back home. Guess we’ll see you soon! Been looking for jobs and apts…


  • 2. Robert  |  October 5, 2006 at 5:18 am

    Wow.. thats a great question. I have no clue what I’m going to do now. I don’t even know what this last year has been about, in retrospect. I don’t even know what I’m about. So to answer your question.. I guess I’m going to move to a cabin in northern california and whittle train whistles and sell them at the corner store for money. It’s either that, or something else.

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