Top 5: Good Albums You Can Buy for PENNIES!

September 12, 2006 at 6:12 pm

Digital downloading is all the rage, isn’t? Why.. for only 9.99, you can get a compressed, shitty sounding copy of that hip Garden State soundtrack delivered right to your computer so you can listen to it through those speakers that came with your computer, which are probably branded “ComputerTek” or something like that. What a wonderful listening experience.

Alas, there are still wonderful listening options out there called CDs! And the wonderful thing about the internet is that there are approximately a bajillion people out there trying to sell theirs, some for a mere PENNY! Here are five albums I own and love, and you can too for the price of a Double-Double (Animal Style).

1. Garageland – Last Exit to Garageland

Currently selling used for: $0.08

This is a New Zealand band that sounds like a cross between Pavement and the Pixies. I first heard them on a CMJ sampler in 1996, and I loved their “Fingerpops” song. I finally picked up this reissue a few months ago, and it’s really good. This is the original release (linked) with 14 songs, but the reissue has 22.

2. Fred Schneider – Just Fred

Currently selling used for: $0.15

Either you love or hate the B-52’s, and that is probably due to Fred Schneider’s half speak/half yell “singing.” If you find yourself in the latter group, don’t get this album. But if you love the B-52’s earlier surf-punk pop songs, then you might like “Just Fred.”

3. REM – Monster

Currently selling used for: $0.01

This has the distinction of being one of REM’s most commercial albums, but also its most dismissed. Sure, it’s a “concept” album, and sure, the concept is rock. But it does rock. Peter Buck puts down the sitar and acoustic and uses vibrato guitar to give REM’s ninth album a super textured sound. Michael Stipe messes with the late 90’s “is he or isn’t he gay” rumors with songs like “I Don’t Sleep, I Dream” and “Tongue.” I love this album.. essential!

4. DGC Rarities Vol. 1

Currently selling used for: $0.01

Oh mid-nineties! I traded a small television for this album (plus about 10 others) in high school. Hits and misses, but mostly hits. “Rare” tracks from Beck, Nirvana, Teenage Fanclub, Sonic Youth, and even a pretty good track from the Counting Crows. If you listened to these bands in the nineties, you probably have this album already.

5. The Clash – Combat Rock

Currently selling used for: $0.50

This was The Clash’s most commercially successful, but uneven album (we don’t count Cut the Crap). We’ve all heard Should I Stay Or Should I Go? and Rock the Casbah, but there are some other good tracks on here that sort of sound like Sandinista! Lite. Car Jamming and Straight to Hell are probably the most known of the unknown, but Overpowered by Funk definitely has the same feel that leaked into Mick Jones’ Big Audio Dynamite projects.

So there you have it.. five albums that you can get for a couple bucks each. If only the were free shipping.. you could probably double your CD collection in a matter of days! AND.. they all sound better than mp3’s! Bonus!

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